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    Feeding hay

    It could be done how to make the drag track right would be the difficult part. To reduce drag he would want to be moving the bale on some raised rails and some how the drag would be incorporated to slid along these rails. I would think the drag would need to be pulled from two points with cable...
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    Why do they run for cubes?

    Just like a kid after candy
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    Feeding hay

    Dave check this homemade feeder out, stumbled across this sometime back and lucked into finding it again. It's close to what you have in mind and I could see it being adapted in several ways.
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    Getting the job done

    Very good looking bull.
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    I want to learn more about nutrition

    I've been feeding it every second day, last winter I fed 3lbs a head a feeding this way. This winter I'm not feeding as much because I have better hay. I did find it takes them longer to eat the 38% cubes then the 20% cubes and the cows would come to where I was putting hay out before...
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    Dodge Auto Transmission problem

    The newer synthetic transmission fluid smells burnt straight from the bottle.
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    Critique this breed mix

    added milk takes more energy or feed, however you want to look at it. Jersey is hard to cover up.
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    I want to learn more about nutrition

    Off the top of my head it will take 3 to 5 lbs a day of that 30% tub or similar product to balance your hay.
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    I want to learn more about nutrition

    I paid $460 a ton for 38% cubes bagged.
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    I want to learn more about nutrition

    Learn about the grasses and forbs in your pasture and area as well as they're life cycle and nutrition value as they grow and mature. Learn about body condition scores and how to read the cow patties your animals leave behind. Get a book on livestock feeds and feeding, they're a good reference...
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    Reclearing fence lines

    I can just imagine the kind of person who would take a job being a tree cop.
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    Down cow up

    Stress of being handled might have wore her down but would have expected a faster recovery if that was the case. She did have you trained to feed her twice a day and may have just been taking advantage of you.
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    Anyone graze , and cut/bale pearl millet?

    I would hay first and graze the regrowth.
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    Hereford Bulls

    Sounds like a fun day.
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    Any zero till/regenerative ag experts?

    That is what I'm thinking plant what you know will grow and experiment a little with the expensive seed as you go.
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    New Pasture Lease

    I thought this was an old post at first. It seems like I've seen it before. Most of what your concerned about the fences and cedar trees will come out of your pocket either directly or indirectly through lower lease payments. What it comes down to is do you really want to do business with...
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    Any zero till/regenerative ag experts?

    You can't plant ss until June and I'm wondering how late into August I can plant ss. Adding some rye and oats along with hairy vetch and Austrian winter peas for grazing cows after the sorghum freezes. Keeping something growing through the winterAnd building some nitrogen. I think I could do...
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    Any zero till/regenerative ag experts?

    I don't have a clue about notilling with a hoe drill. I find I have to be on top of things when notill planting in the warmer months of spring and summer. Moisture just seems to soak away faster.
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    If you can get the feed secured and things cleaned up the mice will thin themselves quickly.
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    Daikon radish

    Radishes are something I want to try. Interesting to see what they do for others.