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    Semen Cane Code

    I was given 5 units of HO 0062. I bred some beef cows to this bull not knowing he was holstein but I cant find any information on him. Anybody know who he is?
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    WS Beefmaker

    She looks great,I just AI'd her on sunday to In Dew Time. I used some of that sorted semen to get a heifer from her. How have her litter mates ended up? I got her up to the Aggie Clasic and down to Spanish Fork this year and have had a better time showing her than last years heifer. That heifer...
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    WS Beefmaker

    Utah. Simmental are not very popular in utah mostly angus and herfords.
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    In Dew Time

    What about the bull in dew time? i cant find anybody who has used him in our state. he is a black simmental dream on son. I have considered using him to produce some show heifers. you can get sexed semen out of him.
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    gaining problem

    I have a 843 pound steer that wont gain weight. I have a friend raising him as a show steer. he is 3/4 beef 1/4 dairy. he is fed a grain ration from our local feed store its a beef grower grain they sell. he gets 16 pounds of grain a day and 2 flakes of grass and 1 flake of alfalfa a day. he...
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    WS Beefmaker

    thank you to all the replies and pictures. Looks like he throws some nice calves! I bred one of my cows to him and I have a hard time waiting to calving season to find out more about him. I should get a nice calf from the looks of the calves. I got a nice calf out of her as a heifer from a UGLY...
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    WS Beefmaker

    Just wondering if anybody has any information about this bull. He is out of ABS and looks like a good bull, I just wanted to know how his calves are. I worry they might mature into too big of cows.
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    8 and a half month old bull

    i have a 8 and a half month old bull in with some cows. we do all AI and i dont want the cows that are open bred. however he was all over a more moderate framed cow today. He could just barely get up on the cow far enough to enter her. do you believe that a bull that young could breed her...