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    Calf prices

    So Char/Longhorn calves sold for $1.39 with a 460 pound base weight. That is $639.40 a calf. Straight Red Angus calves with a 420 pound base weight brought $2.00. That is $840. Calves sired by Red Angus bulls out of Red and Black cows with a little WF in the mix. Base weight of 485 brought...
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    Calf prices

    So I had a little time to kill this morning. I looked up what calves sold for last week on Superior. I have some weaned 4 weight heifers in the pen so that was what I checked. The first two lots to show up one sold for $1.70 and the other $1.39. I took a closer look. The $1.39 calves were...
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    Lesson learned

    Counted bales and there is enough in the stack to feed 45 cows from February 1 to April 15 when grass comes on. I know it will take a month to put together 45 cows so I got to start. There is a bull, cow, and two big calves who wandered down out of the hills in the front field where purchased...
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    Lesson learned

    Sure you would say that. I am starting buying today. I do plan on being real picky. The one I messed up on was last week. They had a lot of fall pairs. The groups sold for $1,300-1,400 a head. But the odd singles and doubles sold for $800-900. How much bigger will that calf weighing...
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    Light them up

    I have too much BLM next to me. I don't want to end up like the Hammonds.
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    Lesson learned

    You are right. Most of the time if nobody else is bidding they are seeing something that you are missing. That is not 100% of the time but generally true. The one where you can make money is if you see something that is keeping them from bidding and know that you can fix it quickly and cheap.
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    input prices

    B bought a used vertical mixer. Feeding a mixture of straw, corn stalks, grass hay, and alfalfa. By grinding the straw and corn stalks mixed with the grass and alfalfa he is getting better consumption and stretching out his hay supply. He is also top dressing the feed row with a dried...
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    I think recession is a no brainer. It is on the tracks and headed this way. It has the potential to be a whole lot more than a recession.
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    Calves newly weaned weight gain

    I think I am on my 9th year of using the tire based feed bunks. I have seem a lot of them jumped over, banged around, etc. Only two times have they managed to tip one over. The only problem I have had is loosing a bolt holding the tires together. That just happened a couple times. I cured...
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    Calves newly weaned weight gain

    I have calves eating out of these bunks. Right now 35 calves eat from 2 12 foot bunks and one 16 footer. They are cheap and nearly indestructible. The last one I made cost about $50 for the lumber and some bolts to make a 16 footer. Use old worn out 16 inch pickup tires free at a tire store...
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    Calves newly weaned weight gain

    You were feeding alfalfa. You didn't gain anything by giving them protein tubs. The alfalfa would give them all the protein they need. Maybe a little more than they need. You would have been money ahead to spend the dollars you spent on tubs to on corn and fed it. Your tubs must have been...
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    Rotella 15W-40 hard to find

    Do you know anyone who will install a 12 wide 12 high over head door for free? I didn't think so. This one works just fine except an occasional time in the winter.
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    Cash Sale

    A friend of mine who has a pretty high net worth never carries anything smaller than $100. He does that for the very reason you said. He says it isn't the hundreds and thousands that you spend which will cost a person. It is the total of the little things which add up and cost a person a lot...
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    Evidently, you can trade a 1¢ bobby pin for a $60,000 small house

    Old rancher I worked for said his wife traded off a 2 year old filly in the spring one year. By fall that year and a number of trades later she had a dozen chickens. And the coyotes ate most of them. He said that he did kind of like that filly.
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    FedEx requests permission from FAA to install anti-missile infrared lasers on some of their aircraft.

    My first baseball bat wasn't really a baseball bat. The neighbor worked in the rail yard in Tacoma, WA. It was a loaded club about the size of a ball bat they used to roust bums out of the rail cars. It has been years since the last time I saw someone riding in an empty boxcar.
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    My pickup is a Ford. But with the cost of fuel and the replacement on a 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive pickup, I find myself driving my little KIA commuter car a lot more all the time. If I am not hauling something requiring the pickup, the car gets twice the fuel mileage and will cost a quarter of the...
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    Rotella 15W-40 hard to find

    I had my oil changed in town. I didn't feel like laying in a snow bank to change it. And the shop has a sliding door. I would need to somehow remove a ton of frozen snow/slush that slid off the roof to be able to open the shop door. So I was in town and figured what the heck. OUCH. He said...
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    FedEx requests permission from FAA to install anti-missile infrared lasers on some of their aircraft.

    With lumber is expensive. And car load after car load of lumber going by on trains here. I just hadn't figure out a way to unload a few car loads. I guess I wasn't creative enough.
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    Severe winter weather in Va.

    We haven't had a night time temperature above freezing in a month and a half. Only a hand full of day time temps about that level. A few new calves showing up ahead of schedule. All are fine.