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  1. lithuanian farmer

    2022, here we go again!

    You're not the first person saying that. The dairy breeds, which are in our cows, aren't big, so it takes time to breed bigger cows. Plus the limousine bull, which sired half of our herd wasn't big, so his daughters usually aren't super big too. Now, when finally started using AI more and can...
  2. lithuanian farmer

    2022, here we go again!

    Angus are pretty popular in my country, BUT no weanling buyers want them. You can sell them, but the price will be very low. More muscled calves are selling way easier. Also in the last two decades Angus has lost some of their important traits, such as easy calving. Years ago you were certain...
  3. lithuanian farmer

    2022, here we go again!

    Our smallest cow is around 1100lbs, biggest might be around 1850lbs. Average ~1450-1550lbs. But trying to increase an average every year. Some heifers calving this year should be around 1650lbs now, so they will make some big cows. Don't know exactly, but my guess would be +-2000lbs.
  4. lithuanian farmer


    Oh my, going to feel almost like a baby here... 25 years old. Been in this forum for probably 10years already. Parents lived in the city until 1999, then moved to where they live now. At first, started with chickens and sheep. In 2004 bought the first bovine. At first it was mainly half dairy...
  5. lithuanian farmer

    2022, here we go again!

    What I have personally noticed, that Angus bulls in such countries, like France, Netherlands, Belgium, where more muscular breeds are popular, you can hardly find a good Angus bull. So usually, there is one or two Angus bulls in semen catalogues, but those sure aren't the nicest looking fellas...
  6. lithuanian farmer

    2022, here we go again!

    VRB- Verbeterd Roodbont, an original name of the breed. In English it is Dutch improved red beef. It's a fairly new breed and the only Dutch beef breed.
  7. lithuanian farmer

    2022, here we go again!

    The breed itself is quite similar to Belgian blues, so there are some simmilarities within both breeds- muscularity, calving, but Belgian blues are abit more extreme.
  8. lithuanian farmer

    2022, here we go again!

    As every year, here is a new thread about our farm's calving season. We did start calving in December for the new season, but it was just one calf and kinda an ooops calf- weanling bull bred one cow. An official start was yesterday. So first, here is December born heifer. 116lbs, born...
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  16. lithuanian farmer

    Breeding Mistakes

    Had a couple bad experiences. The first- old school limousine bull. The words flight or fight really suited his progeny. Thankfully had just a couple, but that was more than enough. Have only one his daughter as a cow. The only good tempered from all his calves. 12 years old at the moment. The...
  17. lithuanian farmer

    New generation

    4 days old already. Nice to see them being healthy and having a good start.
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  19. lithuanian farmer

    Worthy to be a bull?

    He looks to have some potential to be a bull. If he grows just like that, he could make a very nice bull in the future. Had heard some talks about not keeping offspring from first calvers for breeding, but never payed attention to that. Our one of the best bull we've used in the herd was from...
  20. lithuanian farmer

    New generation

    Finally, the pure limousine heifer has calved! 287 days gestation and a heifer calf. The young mom is very calm and seems to have plenty of milk. Not a big calf, quite an average size.