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  1. Named'em Tamed'em

    Bought fertilizer today....

    Feels like it!
  2. Named'em Tamed'em

    Bought fertilizer today....

    40 years of concrete and 7 out of my 10 fingerprints won't scan hahaha. The old gal had to ink me up for my conceal carry permit. Can't open my phone that either!
  3. Named'em Tamed'em

    World without cash!

    One good thing about the credit card is you're protected against fraud unlike most debit cards
  4. Named'em Tamed'em

    Cash Sale

    Making several small deposits trying to beat the $10,000 rule can also be a felony trying to trick the IRS. Don't ask me how I know.
  5. Named'em Tamed'em

    Big cats don’t live in OK

    We've had cougars come into hunting camp at night a couple times and scare the pack string. Those glowing red eyes at night are creepy!
  6. Named'em Tamed'em

    World without cash!

    Typically I save my cash and use my CC.
  7. Named'em Tamed'em

    New Ford Maverick at a bare-bones price....

    Nope, you'll want to overload the bed!!
  8. Named'em Tamed'em

    World without cash!

    Some times credit cards get denied for being out of character spending. I had recently purchased Seattle Mariners season tickets and a Canadian moose hunt on my visa. The wife and I went to purchase kitchen appliances for our farmhouse remodel. The card was denied, $6k debt on a $90k card $84k...
  9. Named'em Tamed'em


    I'll be 62 soon got my first cow 34 years ago. We sell mostly freezer beef with an occasional Reg bull. I'll have 2 steers and a heifer for the rail in April and a cull cow for burger. I'll be down to 4 then.
  10. Named'em Tamed'em

    A new adventure

    Ringing the bell was a surprise, but it makes sense. They were sure excited to get rid of me, hahaha. Sometime in the near future I'll make the 4 mile walk again and have a beer at a spot or two that I had to pass up during therapy. Good luck to your sister!! It's rough but I'm a firm believer...
  11. Named'em Tamed'em

    A new adventure

    I'm doing better, still quite a bit of discomfort but I'm sure it could be worse (and it really was). I'm able to ride in the truck with tolerable pain for an hour easy, ditched the nerve blocker 10 days ago (against Dr's orders) but I was done with it. One small cancerous polyp to take out of...
  12. Named'em Tamed'em

    Pig heart transplant....

    The 3rd time Steve-o had his valve replaced he was 33yo and they went through leg arteries . They didn't stitch it up very well and it leaked some. He had a massive stroke 6 months later and past away.. one day we were putting a transmission in a truck he was 15 and he told my I'd make the most...
  13. Named'em Tamed'em

    How much do retired people spend per year

    Health insurance is the big item for me, flipping chemotherapy and radiation was nearly $40K a month. 2 months of that sure cuts into the budget!!
  14. Named'em Tamed'em

    Pig heart transplant....

    The pig valve my neighbor kid got wasn't available synthetically or mechanically.
  15. Named'em Tamed'em

    Pig heart transplant....

    Be nice Dave, my donkey is smarter than some people I know!!🤣🤣
  16. Named'em Tamed'em

    Pig heart transplant....

    My neighbor kid has a pig valve in his heart, we checked out a valve once when we butchered a hog.
  17. Named'em Tamed'em

    January 2022 photo contest

    I disassembled this windmill in Eastern Washington and rebuilt it on the farm.
  18. Named'em Tamed'em

    Cliff fell off..........

    Nice country!
  19. Named'em Tamed'em

    Daily Chuckle