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    Mountains Reign Ranch in Peyton, Colorado

    AUM = Animal Unit Month Learn something new everyday.
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    Fall calving

    fall calves pic01 fall calves pic02 heifer calf pic Couple pictures from the fall. I gotta have a few colored cattle. All black would be boring. No horns though. Cutting nuts is enough. That heifer had the calf yesterday - Wed, Jan 12, 2022. Calf's sire is Sunnyslope Odyssey H71. It's a...
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    On the farm diy blood preg test kits ?

    Simme, thanks for the link. Now I am interested in the Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test by Idexx. That test is $8 each at Armor Animal Health. I may have to try them in the future.
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    Cow standing ? Who to use ?

    Congratulations! That's awesome the cow is finally bred. I wonder to which insemination? She has been bred several times. I believe the blood test. They are supposed to be pretty accurate. ....wonder what riding you saw. Pregnant cows will ride other cows that are in heat...
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    Earlier in the thread I posted a link to a pdf file. I am no expert on embryos, but here is what it says on grade/quality numbers. page 31/32 - Grade/quality numbers are 1-4. They refer to the composition and quantity of debris that is not part of the main cell mass. To rephrase - When a...
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    Glad these are tax write offs

    Yup. I saw that on Inside Edition.
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    Simme, I agree. However, after flushing embryos they should be examined under a microscope to determine the stage. The stages are 1 - 9, but viable embryos are stage 4, 5, 6 or 7. The stage is determined by how much the embryo has grown and not necessarily how many days it was before the...
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    Another valued member passed yesterday (Hillsdown)

    My condolences to Hillsdown. Nesikep, thanks for letting us know. I will always remember Wanda in the years to come. I purchased genetics from their herd dispersal. Is there an obituary online?
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    I need more coyotes

    Deer among other things, but the deer have COVID, too. I heard the deer hunting wasn't as good as the previous season.
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    Heard that same thing the other day on RFD-TV The American Rancher. It featured Gardiner Angus Ranch.
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    Millah Murrah Angus

    The USA 2022 ABS beef book has 3 Millah Murrah bulls: Rocket Man R38 Rembrandt R48 Paratrooper P15 Thoughts on these bulls?
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    Cow standing ? Who to use ?

    Did you see her bleed-off 2 days after the previous breeding?
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    Poor mothering heifer, second chance or ship?

    I think it's too late for a happy reunion. The heifer has no clue the calf belongs to her. Something happened in the night during parturition. Hard to say what if no one was there. If the heifer was springing maybe she could have been penned by herself? My concern is why the calf is very...
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    Murray Grey Bull and Mixed Herd

    What is the bloodline of your bull?
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    Case 60XT

    Low hours... should be a good machine. I run a 70xt. They have good motors like Atimm693 said. On ours the water pump was replaced at 2500 hours. Equipment pump was replaced this year. Wear and tear stuff. I have replaced lots of hoses including the fuel line. Fuel gelling should not be...
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    Cat 3 to Cat 2 Conversion

    Consensus is the unroller has Cat 2 and you want Cat 1. It has all ready been suggested that you replace the lift arm pins. You can even get double-sided pins. Cat 1 on one end and Cat 2 on the other end.
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    Cat 3 to Cat 2 Conversion

    The unroller in the picture looks like one at Bush Hog. The Bush Hog one is Cat 2; it says nothing about Cat 3. ValleyView, what size are the pins?
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    Cat 3 to Cat 2 Conversion

    3-point specs Cat 2: 55 - 95 horsepower tractor, 1-1/8" lift pins Cat 3: 95+ horsepower tractor, 1-7/16" lift pins
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    When can I justify owning a bull??

    I got hung-up on the word "certified" so I'm wondering... What kind of training was that? Lots of people AI, but they're not necessarily certified.
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    OIE-WAHIS CANADA atypical BSE type H Bovine spongiform encephalopathy

    In June 2021, Brazil had 2 cases of BSE. Brazil did not report it until September 2021. Yesterday, RFD-TV reported China has resumed beef imports from Brazil. Some believe Brazil withheld the information to manipulate the beef market. CFIA stated the case in Canada "did not enter the human...