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  1. Daisy452


    Ok I know this is for cattle, but I have a friend who some show sheep, and needs to know what the best kind of Sheep Shearers to purchase, and from where. She has heard that the Yellow Handle Oster Clippers are the best, but she doesnt want to pay money on them to take a crap a couple days...
  2. Daisy452

    How would you clip a 5 month old Holstein Heifer?

    How would you go about clipping a 5 month old Holstein Heifer for show? Thanks
  3. Daisy452

    How to clip a Holstein Heifer for show?

    How would you go about clipping a 5 month old Holstein Heifer for show? Thanks
  4. Daisy452

    Hay for a steer.

    Ok the last three steers Ive left on Bermuda hay. I ve been doing research and noticed that a few people feed more 2-way or 3-way and very little feed. Which is better? Can I save money by feeding more 2 way or 3 way? and spending less on grain? 1. Bermuda hay and alot of grain 2. 2-way and a...
  5. Daisy452

    Feeding a Show Steer.

    Ok I have raised three show steers. The first was raised on Showmaster and Bermuda Hay. The steer ate a bag a showmaster every two days and two flacks a day. His meat turned out fatty. The other two were raised on Bermuda and 4way grain. Their meat turned out better than the first. I was...
  6. Daisy452

    Shorthorn steers.

    Ok, I haven't been able to find reliable information on the following question, and few to many people I ask give me varing answers. So to you who raise shorthorn steers for show, or for butchering: Are shorthorn steers hard to finish? What I mean by that, do they gather fat in the right places...
  7. Daisy452

    Does anyone breed and sell show steer in California?

    Does anyone breed and sell show steer in California? Im looking for a show steer here and california and I am coming up short on breeders and sellers. I would like a colored calf, preferably.
  8. Daisy452

    I Need Help with a Calf!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a month old heifer holstein/angus X veal calf, who is going to a fair in October. She weighs about 120 pounds now and eats like nothing before. But when she drinks her bottles she expands in the lower rib area, its almost like her lungs and 4 compartments swell, while she eats. She hasnt...
  9. Daisy452

    Day old holstein bull calves....

    Ok Im wanting to raise a holstein bull calf for my fair next may, he will be entered under baby beef, or a veal calf. he will be 5 months old at the fair, and when i get him he is one day old. I want to hear what you guys feed and how much for how long? I have watched my friends raise them and...
  10. Daisy452


    My pure black angus steer is 7 months old now. Ive been away a couple days and had my father feeding him. Came back today and found on the back of his neck, it was losing its hair, i touched and it was dry. It was a light redish pink. It was rough and when i pinched it a little it felt bumpy. he...
  11. Daisy452

    Experiences? Do you have any?

    I bought two wild angus steers to show here at our fair. Well the first day out I was trying to catch them and tie them up and I got rope burn on my left hand badly. I quickly finished my work and went up to the house, and by that time my hand felt like it was on fire. I tried everything to cool...
  12. Daisy452

    Chino Auction

    Does anyone know of the chino auction in Cali. Or any other auctions near here. Thanks
  13. Daisy452

    Best cross breed with an angus

    I want a angus cross, but not sure what to cross the angus with. The angus will be a show steer, and then butchered for my freezer. Any opinions?
  14. Daisy452

    How to feed a.........

    How do you feed a Angus/Holstein heifer without getting her fat? She'll be a breeder.
  15. Daisy452

    Your opionions?

    The last 3 weeks or so, my heifer 6 months of age, has been pooping out so weird stuff. They look like earthworms (she doesnt have worms, ive dewormed her) but pull apart, really sticky and gooey. She hasnt been sick, no other symptoms. and doesnt look like the lining of her stomach. If you have...
  16. Daisy452


    What is the best way (and cheapest way) to feed out a beef/dairy heifer?
  17. Daisy452

    Mad Cow Disease

    How many of you know what Mad Cow Disesas is and what causes it? This is a poll to see how many know what it is. If you know reply and say yes and tell me what it is and what causes it. Thank you.
  18. Daisy452


    I was cleaning out my 6 month old heifer's pen when i noticeded what looked like a worm in her poop. I thought oh great, she has worms, but i used my rake and shifted it around it wasnt worms, its the color of earthwoms, long and goeey. but pulled apart, so i knew it wasnt worms. She hasnt been...
  19. Daisy452

    Looking For an Angus steer.

    If anyone knows anybody with a angus steer or angys x steer please notify me. I wish to show the steer at the 2008 san bernardino county fair. Thank You
  20. Daisy452

    Angus Holstien X

    I bought a Angus Holstein Cross heifer to breed her and show her as a commercial heifer. Now Im 16 and new to the cattle world, people have been telling me that she will die during calving, or her calf will die. Also they say she won't show well. If you could give me your imput and advice I...