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    Feed ration help, TB..

    Or any other ration experts. I grind ear corn with a protein supplement for a finishing ration. The feed mill recommended a blend of 50% dried distillers, 30% SBM, and 20% cotton seed for a supplement. The price this week is $362 ton delivered. I put 600 lbs of this with 3,400 lbs of ear...
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    If you play stupid games....

    you win stupid prizes. Protester in road ran over.
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    SEC 8-2...

    In bowl games this year. You know it has been a good year when even The Vols win. :hide:
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    I always thought that guys who put stacks on pickups...

    Were making up other shortcomings.
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    Brace wire on double H

    On a double H brace which is stronger: putting the brace wire around both H braces on a single pull using one gripple, or putting two separate brace wires on each single H using two gripples?
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    What is this bush?

    And what can I spray to kill it? I do know that spot spraying Grazon next at 3 pints to 25 gallons will not even bother it.
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    What is killing white pines?

    I bought a place several years ago that had been neglected for decades. The place stayed covered with white pine sprouts that the previous renter would bush hog off every third year. That was all that was ever done to the place. After I bought it I limed it, started spraying it with grazon...
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    Non emmison sthil carb?

    J L Trent or any one else, what us the name of those aftermarket non epa compliant carbs you are putting on saws? I need one for a 440.
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    Redneck repair?

    Would this be a hillbilly rig or have I advanced to redneck repairman? Bolts for AC compressor sheared off in the back pasture and this what I had in the truck. It held till I finished spreading fertilizer.
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    Cheapest gripples?

    Where is the cheapest place to get gripples? I got some medium size from Amazon for $1.15 apiece. Any one know of any cheaper from somewhere else?
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    Has anyone ever peeled poplar?

    Has anyone here ever peeled any poplar trees? Thinking about trying to peel some this spring in front of my logger, and was wondering how quickly it goes and if it is worth the trouble. They are paying $2.05 a square foot delivered for the bark.
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    Does anyone burn lump coal?

    I heat with a wood/coal furnace and have always used wood, but I am looking for something with a few more BTU's for these below 0 nights, and coal is pretty cheap here. Can you use coal at night and switch back to wood during the day without any problems? Does it clink up like stoker coal...
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    Which spooks more deer.

    ATV or walking in dry leaves. I got busted by a deer walking in before daylight this morning. It was one of those mornings that the leaves were so dry that a ground squrill sounded like a grizzly bear trompimg through the woods and it got me to thinking (yes I know this is dangerous for a...
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    Cooking big turkey?

    I had a 24 lb turkey given to me that I need to fix for thanksgiving. I normally buy 12-14 lb birds and fix multiples if cooking for a crowd, but I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I use the Alton Brown brine recipe and roasting technique. With a bird this big would I be better...
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    3pt hitch wet lime spreader This one actually looks like it would work. $6,900 if any one wants to be the gunea pig to see how well they work.
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    Smoking elk?

    Has anyone ever tried to smoke an elk roast? I was given several 4-5 lb already frozen roasts. I need to fix one this weekend to feed a crowd and was thinking about smoking it, but I am concerned that elk would be too lean to stay moist. The last couple i have fixed I just cut them into inch...
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    In today's lawsuit happy world.....

    Can Tennessee be held liable for all the heart attacks they just caused?
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    What does old fence weigh?

    I have 1200 ft of old barbed wire and rotted wooden post fence that I am going to have tear out and rebuild. I am trying to decide on whether to dig a hole and bury it or just haul it the landfill and have it gone off the place. I have a dump to haul it on, but just wondering if anyone knows...
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    What is it?

    Any snake experts know what this is? This fellow was hiding out in a dog house. He is about 12 inches long.
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    Toast herbicide?

    I found an old jug of Toast herbicide in the barn, but the instruction label is gone. Does anyone know what this is or what it will kill? Apparently Toast is another name for pot, so Google was useless for finding out any information about it.