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  1. Gators Rule

    Share EPD expertise on a black bull yearling?

    For those experts on the topic of EPDs, I was at a local county fair, and saw a very nice looking 13 month old PB Simmental bull, and I can't say I have seen a young bull who has more eye appeal than this young fellow. Lots of question marks on his EPDs though. I would like to get some input...
  2. Gators Rule

    Hurricane Michael

    Our prayers go out to everybody that is either currently taking on this hurricane, or that is about to take it on. I know Gizmom is close by.
  3. Gators Rule

    First ear’d cattle in over 35 years

    First ear’d cattle in over 35 years on our Place. I have been searching for some heat tolerant commercial cattle to use as replacements in my commercial herd. While I was looking for bred heifers to buy, these 5 young open ladies waked into the arena during a Florida Cattlemans replacement...
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    Florida Hay. hemarthria vs Tifton?

    Any thoughts on SE US Hays....hemarthria versus Tifton?
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    Hurricane or TS; either way, Gizmom, Gizdad, and others

    Just letting you know that you and your families are in our thoughts and prayers.
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    Angus bulls

    It's been a long time (40+ years) since we've had an angus bull roaming our pastures. Some of you know I recently bought a 9 month old angus bull calf, and I know angus bulls have a rep for being aggressive breeders, and early maturing. It is a hoot to watch this little fellow hustling...
  7. Gators Rule

    Cattle Curtain, fly sprayer

    Anyone use a Cattle Curtain for fly control? If so, would you mind sharing your experience? thanks, David
  8. Gators Rule

    Need an estimate on fencing

    Anyone have a clue what I can expect to pay for fencing in a 150 acre orange grove. Fairly sandy soil. It's a run down grove and shouldn't cost anything on the grove lease. It would be to keep the green belt tax break on the property. Five strands of barbed wire. Not sure if wood posts or...
  9. Gators Rule


    Well, after reading FlyingLSimmentals "BAD NEWS" post, I felt inclined to post my version of this calving season. Like FlyingLSimmentals, my season was really beginning to suck eggs, but at the last second, developed a silver lining that I will share... Everything was clicking right along on...
  10. Gators Rule

    Need Help with an Electric Deer Fence

    I'm in the process of needing to build an electric fence that will help keep deer out of an 70 acre cotton field, in south Georgia. I've roughly calculated the perimeter to be about 7,135 feet, or 1.35 miles. While I would like to do this as economically as possible, I also want to do it...
  11. Gators Rule

    Maybe a silver lining to a bad situation!

    Remember my week and a half old twins that the mother died two days after birth? This morning we had a cow have a stillborn calf. We rubbed the dead calf all over the twins and let them nurse the momma cow a little bit while she was in the squeeze chute and squirted milk over both calves...
  12. Gators Rule

    Twin heifer a Free Martin?

    I've read there is anywhere from a 7-10% chance a heifer twinned with a bull calf will be a free Martin. Soooo...does that % go up or down if the twins are not identical? Last Monday, I had my first set of twins (male/female) born. It might not be so negative if not for the fact that the...
  13. Gators Rule

    New World Screw Worm TO: Florida Livestock Industry Leaders and Partners FROM : Ned Waters, President, Florida Cattlemen’s Association I write to you to inform you of the fact that Animal Health officials have discovered New...
  14. Gators Rule

    Critique this SimAngus bull - Florida Bull Test video

    This bull is #55 in the Florida Bull Test catalog. Would be using on commercial cows ... est-sale-0 thanks
  15. Gators Rule

    Ear Tag 101

    Please allow me to pose a question regarding ear tags... I have been using the system whereby a calf will be tagged with the momma's same number...with a letter prefix indicating the year of birth. That works ok, and is easy enough.....until that momma's own heifers start having calves of...
  16. Gators Rule

    Retread 2

    Just wanted to give my two cents. Not a thing wrong with that "retread" heifer. Neat markings, and a decent commercial grade heifer. :2cents: Moderator, now you can lock both retread threads.
  17. Gators Rule

    Need some Homo Polled assistance

    1. If I have a cow who is AI sired by Dream On, who is Homo Polled, and breed her live cover to a son of Ranch Hand (Ranch Hand is also Homo Polled), what is the likelihood that the resulting calf will have horns? 2. Same scenario, but the resulting calf is scurred? We are talking...
  18. Gators Rule

    Here are the AI sires Im using in the next couple of weeks

    I've decided to use these sires in my lineup over the next week or two. Dream On Built Right Cut Above (fat butt) Upgrade Manifest Conneally Mentor Tried to match them up EPDwise in order to improve each cow for CE, BW, WW, milking, frame score, and phenotype. Thanks for everyone's input...
  19. Gators Rule

    1st calf Simmi breeding help?

    I'm in the process of breeding a double bred Dream On heifer and I'm interested in your thoughts. I'm going to breed her AI to a Simmi or SimAngus or possibly Angus. I want to steer clear of Dream On. CE Brth Wean Year MC EPD 11.1 0.7 58.9 83.1. 6.9 Your thoughts?
  20. Gators Rule

    Some Simmental cow/calf pics from today..

    Here are a few pictures from today... All the young calves are out of my Ranch Hand bull. This is Red and her two daughters, the youngest of which is a week old tomorrow night. Red has a Fat Butt daughter in another pasture I have. This is a this is a SimAngus heifer. 3/4 sim born...