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  1. bward

    SPRUCE Grove and BSE

    Am I the only one who questions a possible link between the McDonald's hamburger processing plant, and several cases of BSE in Spruce Grove? Have they ever been suspect in being the source of contamination? Have they ever been audited or inspected to their waste disposal and water...
  2. bward

    A few pics.

    A steer with a little chrome. His Ugly Gert Dad is laying down behind him. A good steer. One of 2 bull calves I am keeping for my own use. That cow is not his mother but she was coming in heat and he was following.... good boy. My favorite yearling heifer. This is a Simmental bull I...
  3. bward

    Horse sale

    I popped in at McDermitts (sp) sale in Casper Wyoming this last weekend to kill some time. While I was there, I watched 8 horses sell and they brought between 2000 and 11,000 bucks. The pricier ones were apparantly ranch horses but I didn't see one of them sidepass or turn on the hanches. I saw...
  4. bward

    Gert sired calves out of non gert cows

    These are going to be weaned this afternoon. All the cows except the blaze face (AngusXsimm) are HerfordXSim.
  5. bward

    tonights grub

  6. bward

    Ruptured Belly orphan update..update

    Well it took two times in the squeeze and the heifer has claimed him as her own. Last evening we did the chute thing tying up a leg and getting the calf up there to nurse. She thrashed around again kicking as usual then finally settled down and stood calmly while he nursed. I left them in the...
  7. bward

    Ruptured belly orphan update

    Thank you all for your very kind words and tips with the orphan calf. its been a nightmare week as yesterday I took a 7 year old cow to the vet with a twisted uterus. Another first for me. I forgot to bring my camera, can't imagine why. I was up half the night waiting for a heifer to calve. I...
  8. bward

    Ruptured Belly- the bitter end

    removed. Don't know why it posted twice.
  9. bward

    Ruptured Belly- the bitter end

    Saturday morning after checking cows and doing chores I found the big cow laying out flat in her pen. At first I thought she was dead but on closer inspection, I noticed she was breathing and had her eyes rolled up in her head. By the marks in the ground it looked like she had simply cast...
  10. bward

    Ruptured Belly update

    Three weeks have passed since my original post and Nothing has happened..... except that she is much bigger. She has no udder developement and her belly is sagging even lower and it is also much wider. I have never seen anything like this and am beginning to suspect that she may have hydrops, a...
  11. bward

    an old story

    This happened about 25 years ago, back when my better half worked a couple long days at the auction market each week. We were calving and I was alone while he was at work, and I noticed a cow, a nice compact Simmental who was continually laying out flat in the pasture. She would lay like that...
  12. bward

    Ruptured Belly

    Ohhh My. This is a first for me. I have a 5 year old pregnant cow that is HUGE. So much so that we figured she was having triplets. We are 3 weeks away from calving and I was worried that she might not make it that far. This morning I was driving to town and noticed she was away from the herd so...
  13. bward

    horse schooling

    Anyone here use Parelli or Quantum Savvy techniques to school their horses?
  14. bward

    My computer cat

    Since I got a wide screen flat screen he has suddenly discovered the mouse cursor. I am sure he thinks I sit here just to watch the cursor go back and forth all day.
  15. bward

    Calving weather

    We have lost our sense of humor. This is not fun anymore. The corrals are so muddy under the snow that the quad is getting stuck. There is no way on earth we could bring in a calving heifer on foot, if she decides she doesn't want to cooperate. Did someone say something about Global warming...
  16. bward

    Mud and snow UGH!

    I am so sick of this calving season. Slogging through the mud and snow, forever putting out bedding, trying to keep the calves alive and healthy. I have never seen a spring like this one before. Its usually pretty dry and now we can't even feed with the bale truck. There is 4 inches of wet snow...
  17. bward

    Pictoral Project part 2

    poles in the ground and the metal from a used steel grain bin in place the bottom ring on.... all level and everything. All three rings up and the roof supports in place Roofing slats are next and kitties are checking it out. Tin roof on, wind fence up... Its basically done. Back view...
  18. bward

    pictoral Project ( hint) lots of pics

    This is the bull pen and what the bulls voluntarily used for shelter for the last 25 years. Its time for an upgrade. Timber..... One down..... one to go.... Sure beats doing it all by hand... Still there was a heck of a lot of picking and sifting and sorting through. Some of the big...
  19. bward

    Gertish pics

    This is a snoopy 2 year old with some of his calves. His name is "Howdy" for obvious reasons. One of my upgraded Girls. She is 7/8 ths and both Sire and Dam are solid red. Blame the granddam for the markings. Sire is Ben Two and I think I got the last of his semen. I am so looking forward to...
  20. bward

    Moving a Mad Cow

    I came up with this idea after I had a very mean Mad Simmental mother want to rip me to shreds if I entered the pen to treat her sick calf. After darting around the perimeter and setting up the gates, I used a long garden hose with a nozzle attached, and sprayed her directly in the face. It...