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  1. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Selling Out

    Some grandparents just don’t care. Last month I bought another 75 acres from my father. He was given that land free and clear before his dad passed away as a gift. He has just let it go to the wild-literally didn’t do anything with it for years. I’m an active rancher now-bought my own place...
  2. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Hay wrap

    On mine I keep a contractor bag stuck through the top link, or a 5 gallon bucket hung on there. Works great on my m-5!
  3. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Arkansas and Kentucky members ok after tornadoes last night?

    I’m fortunate! Our farm is about 25 miles west of Mayfield, but we’re fine. My wife is a traveling wound care nurse and unfortunately some of her facilities she oversees were destroyed. It’s a sad time here in Western Ky. Our prayers are with everyone impacted!
  4. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Santa came early

    Exactly what I run on the farm-congratulations!!! You’ve got a good machine there!
  5. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Sad news regarding a cherished member

    Very sad news indeed, my sincere condolences to the family and our cattle today family as well. I always enjoyed his input on the site. May Bigfoot truly Rest In Peace.
  6. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Let's see em...

    Got this feller Monday evening. Was tempted to hold out for something bigger, but I got skunked last year so decided this wasn’t one to pass on this year.
  7. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Old soldier, new rancher

    Welcome! Retired Coast Guard here, this forum is a gold mine. I’d recommend checking it daily! You may find ranching makes for lousy retirement income, but it does give a great sense of purpose!
  8. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Talking Heads & 2022 Feeder Prices

    Tubal! I see what you did there brother 😃.
  9. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Selling unweaned mixed calves

    Pretty little ones you have there!
  10. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Wet Hay-what do I do?

    Thanks partner, much appreciated! I think I’ll unroll them in the morning
  11. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Wet Hay-what do I do?

    I was tempted to just unroll them all right now before they get moldy. Unfortunately not much of a mulch hay market here that I’m aware of. Maybe I should buy some feeders 😂
  12. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Wet Hay-what do I do?

    No mold yet. How wet? I don’t have a moisture meter, but wet to the touch. It’s from the rows that were in the shade. It was on the ground and baled Friday, I would have just rolled them out immediately but I’ve heard grass clippings can be harmful and didn’t want to chance it. But I’ve...
  13. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Wet Hay-what do I do?

    Hi everyone. While I read daily I don’t post too much. But I’d like to pick the brains of folks with a lot more experience than I have regarding some hay I rolled a couple of days ago. Most of the bales are fine, but I have some that were too damp. I knew they would be too wet when I baled...
  14. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Tankless Hot Water Heater

    When we built our home in 2018, we got a tankless, but we have natural gas-it’s great! The builder did mention they wouldn’t install electric ones, due to poor performance (didn’t get any more in depth than that since it didn’t apply to us). It was just an aside, but one I remember-for whatever...
  15. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    So it begins...

    Yes indeed, it keep me busy 😃
  16. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    So it begins...

    I don’t post much, but will chime in here. Realistically, for most people starting out, I don’t think traditional ranching operations will ever pencil out if you truly start from scratch. I think innovators can always find a way, but traditional operations as a new start up just have a hard...
  17. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Hello from Southern Oklahoma

    Good morning and welcome! I’m new here too and really enjoy this forum 😁
  18. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Howdy All!

    I love the Hereford, but the market here is all Black Angus. So it’ll be an Angus bull when the time comes. My last herd had all sorts of color, and was discounted as such when we sold. As far as the hay ring, I have a beautiful heavy one, and am not planning to use it. This farm had been...
  19. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Howdy All!

    I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put up a couple of photos of my girls, with any luck, I’ll find them some sisters tomorrow!
  20. NewRenoFarmsInKY

    Howdy All!

    Thanks everyone 😁