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    Houston we have a problem?

    Unfortunatley she thought she could make a comeback when it seems she has not left all he demons behind.
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    Bad Beef

    Well now, I'm a bit late to the party here. I am not a producer of beef on any scale. I hope to be someday, but it is not in the cards for now. What I am is a chef at un up-scale/fine dining steak house. I can tell you without a doubt there is no such thing as bad beef, unless it is green...
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    1948 Cartoon???

    I love it!!!!
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    Solving Long Term Unemployment Problem

    Lammie, I hear ya loud and clear. We've burned through all of our 401k and took a personal loan out from my grandfather. Income is down 20k from two years ago, and shows no signs of going up. Upside down on truck because prices bottomed out. Company changed insurance and a very necessary...
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    Solving Long Term Unemployment Problem

    Or, how about something simpler. Realize what you got to offer the employment market ain't what the market can bare. In other words, stop holding out for that high paying job, because you can't demand that much anymore and probably never should have in the first place. When you get that lower...
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    i wonder how much trouble to learn butchering

    I butcher every day, but it is already cut to sub-primals. It would not be any different from a full carcass though. Just get a sharp knife and follow the muscle seperations for the quarters, then the primals, then the sub-primals. After that you are just cutting steaks. There are good...
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    1950's vs. 2000's Growing Up

    By the way, I'm not saying that Tylenol scares and child molestation are not serious. I'm just saying we got too scared as a nation. Could not look at it for what it was, and is. Problems just as traumatic have happened for generations. We are just more aware of it now, and have let it scare...
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    1950's vs. 2000's Growing Up

    I was born in 1972 and I can honestly say there was nothing different about my upbringing from those you describe in the 1950's. It is my child's generation that is truly awash in what you describe. We no longer allow them to get into mischief. That is often where they find their true...
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    Anyone running stockers?

    I wish I was. Better money by time and effort spent, but less in-take for the year by acreage. This is a great time to buy a herd of heifers as summer stockers and run at capacity for it then retain a few of the best for breeding and send the rest to the sale. Build a herd slowly now of...
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    Your Best Steak

    I have no idea what color of coat he/she was wearing when it entered the slaughterhouse, but the best ribeyes I ever had all came from the Sterling Silver line from Cargill. Generally great marbling and the fat kernel ratio in the the center has always been acceptable. As for those I know what...
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    roofing question.

    I'm with you Walt. The amount the insurance company pays on a claim is totally based on fixing the damages completely. If you choose not to fix the damages to that spec, you are still incurring the cost in other ways (i.e. lesser appraisal) therefore the money allotted is fully yours. What...
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    Add us to your prayer list PLEASE...

    A prayer has been said for her recovery.
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    ATV Accident

    That is just horrible, and they are both in my prayers! My wifes family lost one of her cousins last week to an ATV accident. He went over the handlebars after hitting a puddle, A PUDDLE, at a high speed. No helmet. Now, no life. He was a young man full of gumption and energy, but is now...
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    Recipe for Life

    :lol: :lol: :lol: My wife will love that one! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Jail Break--Well heck NO!

    I guess the bright side is at least it was not an all male prison that they went to all that trouble in. :lol: :banana: :lol:
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    available and ready

    Anybody that has an idear how they can catch them sum wimmins? Thur all ears!
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    God's smile

    Great picture! Great title! Great message! May the Lord bless you and yours.
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    Freezer beef (pics)

    Looks like he needs a strict excercise regimen. You'll have to double his feed of course, but then he might look a bit better before slaughter, and feel better about himself. :lol:
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    MF 393 4

    So, is he better buds with you, or the one selling the machine? :lol:
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    New Truck

    Okay, nobody has seemed to ask the relevent questions yet. What ya haulin? How far? Any hills? You want to beat it up in pasture, it seems, what is the pasture like? What will you be doing with it MOST of the time? My experience, and my lust, leads me to believe your best bet if you are...