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    What do you all think about the cattle they are going to the Kentucky beef expo and Tn Agribition sale. They are Limousin. In the pictures the cattle are just roughed out and not finished on the clip job, and some of the pictures are not the best. Tell me what you think. She is late April...
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    Can anyone give me directions to the National Western Stock show from interstate 70? thanks
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    What do you think would be a good feed mix for show cattle? This is a feed ration that I am feeding now this mount lasts about 2-3 weeks. 500 lb Rolled Corn 150 lb Oats 150 lb Soybean mill 40 lb Beet pulp 50 lb Barley 45 ln Cotton seed hulls 60 lb Wet Molasses Can anyone give me some suggestions?
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    Has anyone talked to Jaydill recently??
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    How does she look

    How do you think she looks. This heifer is a 5/5/05 and she is a Limousin. I am putting her in a sale at the last of May how do you think she will do? The picture isnt the best. Thanks
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    Wulf Limousin sale

    Anyone going to the Wulf Limousin Sale at the end of this month. If so how do you think they will do?
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    What are some different types of feed that will do good for a show heifer. Or different mixtures that will help. I really need help I have 2 heifers that really need to grow for a sale in May. If anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated.
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    show heifer

    What do you think about the heifer she is a 4/25/05? This picture was taken around 1/16/06. She will be at the Kentucky Beef Expo this weekend a show/sell, how do you all think she will do?
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    We raise Limousin cattle and are wanting to cross some to get some more pounds. I would really like to get a Maine Anjoy bull and raise some show steers to sale. What do you all think? Is there enough interest in show steers?