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  1. AussieLim

    How many days since calving do you AI?

    Hello AI breeders, Just a quick talking point to throw up. We are looking to AI next month & are going through the calving book to work out joinings & what late cows can't be included in the Round 1 AI. We only AI cows that are a minimum of 40 days post calving. What do other breeders use as a...
  2. AussieLim

    WZRK Double Wide

    Does anyone know anything about this Limo sire and/or have progeny on the ground??
  3. AussieLim

    WRZK Double Wide

    Anyone know anything about this Limo sire? Has anyone used him & have progeny on the ground.
  4. AussieLim

    Marketing Bulls

    Just thought I'd throw this topic up for the bull breeders out there... Aside from time & reputation, what is the most effective way to market your bulls/bull sale? Do people's prefer 'Private Treaty' or 'Auction'??
  5. AussieLim

    Limousin bull - CF Jim Dandiel

    Hello Limousin breeders, Just wondering if anyone has used AI sire CF Jim Dandie & if so what was his progeny like in type & docility? Thinking of using this bull over black purebred to insert some traditional hind quarter muscle. :???:
  6. AussieLim

    Would you breed a Lim-Flex50 to another 50 or a Pure Limo?

    Just asking seedstock producers that produce SimAngus or LimFlex which way do they breed a half blood. We currently have LimFlex50s & LimFlex75s and I can grade up or stabilize the cross. The 75s I may even join back to Angus on the first calf??? Opinions
  7. AussieLim

    Whats the next Black Limousin sire to look out for?

    G'day Limousin breeders, This is a very open question and i know it is upto breeding objectives and personal choice but soon enough we will be finished calving and filing through the semen catalogues like a lady looking at gossip magazines in a hair salon wondering what to use. There are a few...