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  1. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Springtime + new heifers

    Pretty girls, pretty house too. Love the redbuds.
  2. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Good-bye Good Friend

    The most fearless hound I ever owned was a chihuahua, and after nearly 18 years he passed on last Thursday. We buried him in the flower bed since he spent most of those years trying to get there. So good-bye Hound Dawg, the only dog to ever make it into the flower bed without a fight. You are so...
  3. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Here's a MG bull to critique

    Really nice animal, Keren.
  4. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Bull to critique...

    That's a real nice bull. Would like to see his calves.
  5. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Anybody ever...

    When my boys were younger, 9 and 10, they used to fish in the stock pond until early evening, then hitch a ride on an old baldy cow, on her way up to the barn. They used the poles to try to hurry her along. They thought I didn't know. One evening she decided to wade out in the pond for awhile...
  6. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Update on my prayer request for little boy

    My thoughts and prayers go out to this little boy and his family.
  7. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Is this true at your house

    Did the guy that wrote that actually sign his real name to it?
  8. Needmore Land and Cattle


    Took several to the vet about a month ago. In Texas it's five dollars a head.
  9. Needmore Land and Cattle

    ??Keep or Cull?? (Pics)

    I guess I missed something. How can you tell if a cow is gonna give milk from these pictures? No. 3 would go because of her history. If no. 2 didn't wean a HUGE calf then she ain't doin her job and is eating the profits. At least a show winning calf. If no. 1 lost condition because her feed...
  10. Needmore Land and Cattle

    What is your favorite cross for mother cows?

    F-1 Braford or Brangus. It gets real hot here, plus we get a lot of varmits down in our pastures.
  11. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Things About Texas

    I don't agree with number six. You forgot garlic, or is that a vegetable, like unguins? :???:
  12. Needmore Land and Cattle

    lick tubs

    I agree. We use cooked molasses tubs regularly, but then, we aren't in the middle of a hay shortage. That was the previous three years.The tubs really make them clean up the hay.
  13. Needmore Land and Cattle

    weak calf

    Durvet calf paste, this condition is specifically what it's made for, and a whole lot of electrolytes given often. I wish you the best of luck. Been there, done that. Lotta work and worry. The co-op carries the paste here.
  14. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Gainesville, TX Livestock Auction

    That sounds like a good case of the tags getting switched in the back of the barn. Never been to Gainesville, but had it happen elsewhere. Never gave them a second chance. They got caught at it a little later, but that didn't help me any.
  15. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Singers/musicians aka

    Hank Williams Jr. aka Bocephus
  16. Needmore Land and Cattle

    Angus X Braunvieh Calf

    You can get bad cattle from any breed. We have some Braunvieh/Brangus cross heifers and you'd be hard put to find such gentle cows anywhere. We don't have a single complaint. By the way, nice calf. Even if the mama was a funnel butt,which I don't see, that calf sure ain't. :clap:
  17. Needmore Land and Cattle

    what kind of bull to buy

    Black Baldies are hard to beat in just about any market. You might try that Hereford bull.
  18. Needmore Land and Cattle

    New Calf

    I take it he must be planning on keeping the calf. It never hurts to help the first calvers along if you don't mind parting with the money. The cow is a little thin, but too fat and they don't milk as well. Nice cow and calf. Looks like mama is doing her job.
  19. Needmore Land and Cattle

    looking for the right breed

    That was a joke, Spoon. :lol: We can all make suggestions, and most of us are going to suggest the cattle we raise, because we like them. Except me, that particular calf isn't what we raise and isn't even for sale at this point. Was an orphan I picked up cheap that decided she was gonna make a...