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    Ok, I need some advice. I would like to cross some of our Angus cows with Simmental this year. My question is, where do I start. Would I be better to cross them with a purebred Simmental bull or a simangus(5/8sim and 3/8angus). I also have some Angus cows with some Hereford in them, would I...
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    Cold Weather Starting

    For everyone in the cold weather, did everything start OK for you today? We did pretty good this morning, everything was plugged in and has winter fuel in it. It always feels like your "winning" when things start on a cold day :D Jenna
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    I was curious if anyone has there own ultrasound, to be more specific for repro work like preg checking? I'm sure they are costly, but I imagine they have come down in price some in recent years. I have nothing against our great vet doing it, but here's The reason I'm asking: We both work off...
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    Blood preg tests

    I have a question on the blood pregnancy test. We have used them before and seemed to work good. What i'm wondering, can you send them into the lab in the winter? I have mailed them in before, but its always been earlier in the year when temps were not freezing. Will they freeze in the mail...
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    Deere 4020 Suprise

    OK, I need some ideas!! I'll try to make a long story short here and hope it makes sense!!!. Back when my husband was growing up his dad bought a john deere 4020. Fast forward a ways and it ended up getting sold at auction after his dad was involved in a bad accident. Husband wanted to buy it...
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    Bovine Ecolizer+C20

    Ok, so we give the Bovine Ecolizer+C20 to calves at birth. Its Clostridium perfringens Type C and K99 E. coli antibodies to provide scour protection for newborn calves. Well, guess its not available this spring. So does anyone know of who does have it or an alternative. Thanks for any ideas. Jenna
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    Amanda Knox found guilty of murder, again

    Now she's guilty again. Been quite the show I guess you'd say.
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    Who Does Your AI'ing?

    Thought this would be a kind of neat spin-off of the "who uses AI" thread. (sorry if this has been discussed before :hide: ) Those of you that do use AI, Do you do it yourself, have a family member certified, AI tech from a semen co., or... ? At our place, I have been doing it myself, and of...
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    Cold Starts

    Did everything start today in this cold weather? What do you have to start for chores? We have a 4255 deere at our place with a loader/bale chopper, and skid steer. If needed, only the skid steer needs to be started. Both started ok today, they were in a cold machine shed plugged in. At the...
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    I had the day off today as did my daughter because school was canceled because of the cold. So, after we got the beef cattle taken care of me and her went over to the dairy to help out dad in this weather. There were 2 cows to breed, so we each loaded a gun. As we were leaving the heated utility...
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    steam rolled corn

    I know its common in some areas, but its just becoming more available here. Dont know much about it. I was wondering if it would be good in a creep feed mix. Currently we are using purina accuration, would this work better then rolled corn? costs about 25$ a ton to steam roll btw. Jenna
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    tire size ?

    Ok, I have a tire size question. I have a hay rake with 5.9-15 tires. I bought 2 new tires at a auction that I thought were the right size, but they are 5.00-15. Will these fit on the 5.9-15 rims?
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    Cargill joins Tyson on Zilmax

    Sounds like cargill will stop buying cattle fed zilmax? We have never used it, we mostly sell any finished beef to local customers/markets anyway. Is this a big deal? Just curious....
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    I'm Afraid my Job is in danger!!!

    My ai'ing job that is, at our farm. My daughter has been begging us to let her go to a AI school this year. With the crazy spring we had, there just wasn't time. So, today her and I were breeding one of our last group of cows. She's been right beside us working cattle since she was in a...
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    ICE anyone?

    Anybody else dealing with Icy driveways? We had a bunch of rain here yesterday and anywhere there was packed snow is now ice. The roads are just wet, but driveways are pretty interesting to say the least. I helped my dad with chores at the dairy this morning, and we had to put chains on the...
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    05 Chevy 2500hd Duramax

    Got a truck question for you. I love my duramax to death, but as it seems diesel is never going down in price again, has anybody any advice on chipping/programing it to increase fuel mileage? How much does this affect towing? We are prob towing maybe 40% of the time. My husband thinks this will...
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    Semen Tank Inventory

    How does everyone track your inv. in your tank? I have a pad of paper to make notes while breeding, but my computer cattle tracking program i got last year will track inv. too. The nice thing with it, is it'll subtract straws automatically when a breeding is recorded. I guess my second...
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    Zombie emergency alert "The bodies of the dead are rising from their graves" :lol: :lol: :lol: This happened a few weeks ago, but how funny. The sad thing is, I know of a person, actually a pretty good friend who just may believe a message like this. So, is everyone...
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    Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources

    Fert. price ? got me curious what everyone uses for N sources on their grass hay/pastures.? Also, do many of you use nitrogen stabilizers? We use agrotain usually if we apply later in the season. We like to put down some liquid n in the spring on our grass hay and pastures. We use the liquid...
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    Donkey ?'s

    Not sure if this is the place to ask, but here it goes. We would like to get a donkey for our beef cow herd. Now I'm more of a cattle girl, and know really nothing about horses/donkeys, thus my name cowgirl_Jenna. What breed or size goes best with cattle? I know a mini aint gonna work, but...