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    Water usage to make a hamburger?

    How much water to make a fish sammich?
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    Sunn Hemp

    Too late to plant in Central South Alabama and make a hay crop & nitrogen for my ryegrass this Fall?
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    What is it worth to mow and rake?

    Yes, $12 per bale.
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    What is it worth to mow and rake?

    Never custom cut, rake, or bale hay by the bale. Always price it by the acre. Average price per acre for hay cutting - $13.00 per acre. Raking - $6.00 per acre. Baling - Large Rounds - $12.00 per acre. More if field is rough...
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    Calves paid by the pound

    The way death is usually handled in these deals is the calves are weighed before unloading at your place, then weighed again when they leave. You get paid for the pounds leaving minus pounds of initial delivery. The dead ones weigh +/-0. LOL I've done this a few times and averaged 2 to 2 1/2...
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    Is fertilizing even needed?

    Bingo. The protein in grass is directly related to the amount of nitrogen uptake available to the grass. Without a reasonable protein percentage, the acid detergent fiber content will not be beneficial to animals. Nitrogen is leached from the soil by rain, etc. Believe it or not, poor, low...
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    Birth Weights

    The difference in the birth weight EPD value between Bull A and Bull B is 4 pounds (5 - 1 = 4). Therefore, Bull A would be expected to sire calves that average 4 pounds heavier at birth than calves sired by Bull B. It is important to recognize that EPDs predict the expected difference in...
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    Another failure

    Go around and kiss her a few times. Soothe her anxieties. LOL
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    Breeding Charolais Cattle
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    Rat Tail Calves

    Been pretty busy. I'll be around as much as I can. I see you have everything under control here!!!!!!!
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    Is It Just Me.....???????

    Seeing as how you didn't graduate from the 6th grade til you were 25, you shouldn't be but 2 years older than the rest of your class????????????????? :lol:
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    "Determinate" Tomatoes

    Thanks. Been super busy. ;-)
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    "Determinate" Tomatoes

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    Attn: Beer Drinkers

    I like that one, and I don't like nuthin'. :nod:
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    Don't Even Try

    Had another small angus calf born today. 35-40 lbs maybe. You guessed it. Born breech. :nod: But mom had it and it's up and sucking. :D
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    Angus Cattle Must Be Very Clean Animals

    None of the above. I just think they are superior with personal hygiene. :kid:
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    Angus Cattle Must Be Very Clean Animals

    I say this because they stay in the ponds all day..........every day.
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    Fabricated Filet Mignon

    Butchers have been passing off cuts from the "Eye of Round" that were taken from veal calves as "Filets" for years.
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    The Sunshine State pics

    Looks like you won't need any rain for a couple of years. :?