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    FLORIDA Show Steer and Heifer Clinic

    April 26 there will be a show steer and heifer clinic at Silver King Farms in Punta Gorda, Fl. Clinic is free and open to everyone. There will be a raffle to raise money for the local 4H clubs. They will raffling off a heifer or bull calf your choice. For directions go to...
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    Our new Baby

    Here's a picture of our new heifer calf. She was born this weekend and id 12 hrs old in the picture.
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    Opions on my heifer

    Here's my heifer, Bonnie. She is 8 months old and weighs 650# and she is out of About Time. Victoria
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    What do you think, our new bull

    Here's our new show bull, Bailey. He is 8 months old and is out of Irish Whiskey x Strictly Business/Myer734. We took him to his first show last month and he won his class.
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    Atten: All Florida Showman

    On May 19 there will be a steer and heifer clinic being hosted by Top Choice Livestock Judging 4H Club in Punta Gorda. There will be a Purina Sales rep there to discuss nutrition, calf selection and general info on raising show steers and heifers and there will be a grooming and showmanship...
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    snowman at fair

    snowman got 3 in his class and showmanship grand I got3.25$ a pound I was happy :D :D :D :D :D
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    super bowl!!!

    who do you want to win colts :heart: or the bears :mad: ? I want the colts to win !! what do you think? :?:
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    showkid1200 and anyone else on the east coast of Fl

    How did everyone make out with all the tornados? I hope everyone and all there animals made it through okay!!!
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    New heifer needs ride Oh to Fl

    Buying a new heifer in Ohio and I need a ride for her from Ohio to Florida. Anyone know of anyone who can help, PLEASE!!! Thank you
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    Snowman Won!!

    My steer snowman finally won his class yesterday and I won Grand Jr. showmanship with him. Also my little maine heifer that I have posted pictures of in the past won her class. She was the youngest heifer in the class. It was a GREAT day!! I will post pics. soon. Victoria
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    update on my steer Snowman

    I went to a show today and I got Res. Jr. Showmanship and second in the steer class. Snowman was the only white steer at the show. There was one other shorthorn a red and white but other than that it was all black. I would have pictures from the show but my mom accidently deleted them!! Next...
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    My steer

    Please let me know what you think of my steer, Snowman. So far I have gotten a 5th, 4th and this weekend a 2nd. Thank you....Victoria
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    opinons on my heifer

    Please let me know what you think of my heifer. She is almost 4months and is a maine angus. Thank you...Victoria [/img]
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    Please tell me what you think of my heifer

    This is my heifer, she is 2 months old and is a maine angus. I am thinking of keeping her for a show heifer. Tell me what you think. Thank you!! Victoria[/img]