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    2008 Dodge Diesel

    My son just traded in his 2009 Chevy 2500 4x4 6.0 gas for a low miles 59K 2008 Dodge 2500 4x4 diesel and this morning it has a puddle of antifreeze under it. He tightened hose clamps but thinks the lower seam in the radiator is leaking. Has anybody had trouble with the factory radiators leaking...
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    Browning Belgium 16

    I bought a Browning A5 16 gauge today at the Cabelas near Castle Rock,CO for $450 and the stocks are in good shape but need sanded and stained and the blueing looks good. The bad thing it has an ugly muzzle brake on it so if we removed the muzzle brake could a gunsmith install chokes in this...
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    Problem with heifer

    A friend set up 25 angus heifers for 7 day TAI but one of the heifers we couldn't get a cidr in so we tried again this morning with no luck. The cidr only goes in about 3-4 inches then stops against what feels like something solid??? What could be the problem? We had a few that squeezed up when...
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    Bermuda Hay

    Last year we spread 2 tons of nitrogen on a 30 acre meadow and ended up with a 143 or 146 4x5 round bales with one cutting. This year we spread 3 tons of 30-11-11(May 24th) and on Monday ended up with 160 4x5 round bales. Today we got 3.5" of rain so I'm hoping for a second cutting, a friend is...
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    Massey Ferguson Tractors

    What do you guys think of MF tractors? My uncle has a 265 diesel that I've used and it seems to be a good tough tractor especially pulling a 6 foot brush-hog. We need a larger tractor capable of handling a 8-10 foot brush-hog and I've been looking at some of the MF tractors I see the later...
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    Rear foot problem?

    We have a coming four year old angus cow that has a bad back foot...a hole in the bottom of the pad about the size of a nickel. We hauled her to the local vet Saturday and he said he could give her a shot of antibiotic but that the foot will always be a problem and we should probably haul her to...
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    Cow not bred

    We have a 6 year old angus cow that our young angus bull bred twice in January through the middle of February and today she's in heat again, we pulled the bull two weeks ago. I don't think it's the bull because he bred 14 other cows during that time and none have come back in so far. Last year...
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    What to feed young bull?

    We pulled our 18 month old angus bull from the cows and even though he only had to breed fifteen cows during January and February he lost a little weight. Should we feed him bull ration again or will 20% pellets be enough until we turn him out again in June? Guessing the bull will weigh around...
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    Early Calf

    Had a cow walking around bawling this afternoon while we were setting out a couple of round bales.... I checked on her around 9:30 and she had the calf and everything looked good. This cow was AI'ed May 13th so she was due on February 22 and the calf looks a little small for a Timeless calf so...
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    Cows aborting early?

    The ranch where my son-in law is working has had four cows abort at 6-7 months do you guys know what would cause this? :???:
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    chevy dually metric bolt pattern?

    Anybody know what year chevy changed to the metric bolt pattern on the dually trucks? One guy told me it was 2001 through 2007?
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    chevy 3500 tire size?

    We are going to buy a 2001 chevy 3500 4x4 and it has 215/85/16 tires so when it's time for new tires I'm thinking about going with 235/85/16's. I've never owned a duelly before so I'm not sure if they will even fit? Anybody know?
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    I carried the only shotgun I own now an old single shot 16 gauge in the truck today because I've noticed for weeks about 12-15 buzzards circling over the cows. Of course when I didn't have the gun in my hands 2-3 would glide by about tree top level.... I ended up getting impatient and tried to...
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    Feeding a young bull?

    We bought a year old angus bull this week that was on feed so should we keep him on a bull ration or 20% creep pellets or some type of sweet grain?
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    Bull picture?

    Will somebody post a couple of pictures on here if I email them to you? :???:
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    young heifer bred

    A 10 month old heifer was in heat yesterday and the bull was trying to breed her....I moved the bull to another pasture. So how many days until I should give her a shot of estrumate? Estrumate or lute will make them abort?
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    Embryo transfer?

    Anybody want to give an opinion on how expensive it is to buy embryos and have them transferred in commercial cows? Is it worth the cost? Or is it cheaper to AI the cows? We AI'ed ten cows last winter and four this spring and the cost was probably around $80.00 per cow.
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    cow problem?

    We have a six year old ba cow with a march calf on her and saturday was in excellent condition but on monday evening she was standing there drooling with her mouth open and wallowing her tongue around constantly,her body had shrunk down a bunch.Hauled her to the vet on tuesday morning and her...
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    Good pellet gun?

    Since the .22 ammo is hard to find and over priced I'm thinking about buying a good pellet gun to shoot snakes and varmints. Bass Pro has some from a $100 to $300 but I'm looking at those in the $150 range that shoot a .177 pellet at 1250. Do you guys know which brand is the most reliable? I...