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    Pregnant Hiefers that are still nursing calf

    Is it a good idea to remove the young calves that are still nursing from their mother in order for the mother to have enough milk for her new calf. Also, I have calves that are still nursing at about 10 months old, and it seem that they are pulling down the mother as to her weight and health...
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    Tractor Size

    What is the minimum horsepower for a tractor in order to operate a hay baler (round or square)? My tractor is a Mahindra 35 horsepower and does the job for all that I need at this time, but was thinking of doing my own hay harvesting.
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    Calf Issue

    I have a calf that is 2 months old, that I have kept in the barn and fed daily. I tried to turn her out with the other cows, since she is now eating some hay, and the other cows, especially the bull, chased her out of the field and thru the 3 rail fence. Any suggestions as to when I can turn...
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    New Calf

    At what age can I put a calf, that had her mother die, back in the pasture with other cows ? I have been feeding her twice a day with a bottle bucket and keeping her in a barn stall. I could continue to feed her with the bottle bucket, but have concern that she will try and nurse from the...
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    Quality of Meat

    Any opinions on what the quality of meat would be from a bull that is about 3 years old that has been the stud bull for my herd for the last 2 years? He weighs about 1700 lbs and would I be better to slaughter him or sell him to another breeder and buy a steer to slaughter?
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    Hay Field Question

    Last summer I was unable to find someone to mow, rake and bale my last growth of Coastal Burmuda hay. Naturally it is now brown in the field. Should I leave it, or bush hog it so that the sun can get to the new growth next spring. And if I bush hog it, will it do damage to the new hay if it...
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    Calf bottle feeding

    How long should I expect to have to bottle feed a newborn calf that was born to a mother with no milk?
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    Disabled Heifer

    I have a heifer that laid down in the pasture 7 days ago, and would not get up. Lo and behold she had a calf 2 days ago, and the calf is fine. She however, will still not get up and yet she eats good and drinks if I take it to her. She can move her back legs, but seems to not be able to get...