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    Purely a stocker operation only

    From reading posts for the last few months I gather most everyone here does cow/calf. Anyone out there do stocker only? What is your real world experience of the income difference between stocker and cow/calf? If I run stock only through the Spring and Summer I'm looking at buying high and...
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    New motto for the American auto industry

    "If I ain't broke, don't fix me!"
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    How to decide?

    How do you decide which bulls to keep intact and which should be steers?
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    Why should I not vote for Obama?

    No politics on these forums
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    A Mexican, an Iraqi, and a Texan are in a bar...

    Heard this one on the radio the other day. Just had to share. A Mexican, an Iraqi, and a Texan are in a bar. The Mexican turns to the other two as he finishes his beer. He throws the glass in the air, pulls out a pistol, and shoots the glass. He looks at the other two and says, "In my...
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    Running Summer stockers only

    If I were to run Summer stockers only, not wintering the cattle at all, what would that do to stocking rate? I know it would increase, but how much? I'm afraid of increasing too much because I don't want the available pasture, which is in decent condition, to end up depleted and have no good...
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    2002 Ford Transmission

    I just lost a transmission on my 2002 Ford Lariat FX4 at only 103K miles. Anyone else have trans. problems with Fords at such a low mileage? Keep in mind I have rarely pulled a trailer with it, and when I did it was never more than 1500 #. If I had heavier loads I used my FIL GMC 2500 running...
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    Let me hear all you CowGirls now!

    What do women find sexy in a man? Chiseled muscle? Good priorities? Good with kids? All of the above? Someone who does not give a damn about the above? Someone that does not give a damn about the above, but works HARD and loves you? Something else? Let me know. I'm sure y'all have...
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    NCBA marketing question

    I'm a newbie here and think I posted a good topic on the wrong board. Please go to the Beginners Board and read my post "NCBA marketing question" and let me know what you think. Sorry about the re-direct, but as you will see it was quite a bit of typing that I don't think I'm up to again just...
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    NCBA marketing question

    In my real life I am a chef. Ranching is a dream and I am just gathering all the knowledge about it I can at this point. As a chef I work in a top-tier steak house. One of the things the NCBA does with us is to try to get us to put new "lesser" cuts of beef on the menu. I use "lesser"...
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    How do branded beef programs work?

    How do branded beef programs like Sterling Silver or Naturewell work from a producer's angle? I know they claim adherence to grading guidelines, and/or feed guidelines, but do they contract with ranchers or feedlot operaters to feed the cattle in a program? Do they pick quality at the packing...
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    How do I get started ranching these days

    Hey Everybody, I'm a town kid one generation removed from the life of cattle ranching and row crop farming in Kansas. I have always had a yearning to get into ranching, but always thought it was something you had to be born into and grow up around. Over the last couple of years I've decided...