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    Old Cow Down

    I hate to say this....but I agree with the bullet guy. I've never had good luck with a cow that was down. I never had one to recover. It's very hard to justify a vet visit for beef cattle. The math just won't add up.
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    Shooting cows with birdshot

    I use a .410. A 12 gauge might have too much punch. The intent is a sting, like a hotshot or electric fence shock. Mine always find the "hole" they went through, and go back home when I sting them.
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    Some things are better left unimproved.

    I hate this new crap. Go back to what you had.
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    Spread sheet or something for keeping records

    Google now has a spreadsheet that stays stored on the Google cyberspace. I keep my cow records on it, because it will always be there, as long as Google will be there. I can go to any computer around the world and access it. I've lost notebooks, lost disks of info, had hard drives crash, had...
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    Pictures of a new Fence

    cfpinz That's a maybe. I live in a semi rural area and the times my cows got out was through an old barbed wire fence, and my road usually has 35 mph traffic, the young fools try to do 90. I am going to go to two strands of hot poly near the road, just for security. I did have a jumper in the...
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    Pictures of a new Fence

    Looks like some rich guy showing off his money. We see it all the time around here. But I ain't complaining. Those rich folks buying land and "tax farming" are saving the land, otherwise, developers would be building houses instead of fences. I'm a poor farmer, I use polywire, just one...
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    Family Partnership

    My farm is set up with a "Family Limited Partnership". There's tons of info about them on Google and Yahoo. It has a general partner to call all the shots, and limited partners, not having power, just ownership. The general partner can own as low as 1%, but they still control 100% of the...
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    Investor money found

    President Jimmy Carter once told a story about his partnership with a fellow to get into the cattle business. It worked out that the nice healthy cattle ended up belonging to the partner, and the sick and dead ones ended up being the President's. They did not have a written agreement. Get it...
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    CRP information

    cornstalk, I signed up for CREP, thinking it would be a good thing, but after getting into all the confusion and ambiguity, I paid the penalty to get out. Those folks would make the IRS look simple. I found the best "bible", was to talk to everyone I could in the area that had dealt with it...
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    cattle guards

    COMAIR the ol' timers around here used cattle guards. Worked well. They have to be deep. If it's deep enough, and also full of water, and also will deter YOU from walking over it, it will turn cows.
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    Not eating is not good.

    Lammie, I did all that stuff, and when I took that "cleaning out" medicine...well... the space shuttle was in orbit at the time....I passed them. Nasa needs to harness the power of that medicine. It had to be millions of horsepower of thrust coming out of booster rockets needed...
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    Homemade Chute

    Mongoose, I bought "store bought" squeeze chute and head gate. The corral and lead in chutes I built with pressure treated wood. In retrospect, I would buy a "store bought" unit complete. They have the circular crowd pen, and all the right stuff . I work my cows alone, so I need all the help...
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    Broadcasting clover seed?

    cowsrus, broadcasting is OK, most of the time. I would wait in your case. The rule of thumb for broadcasting clover in February/March, is that one must be able to see the sole of his/her shoe while standing in the grass. If you get some grazing animals, they will likely take the grass down to...
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    Ear Tags

    Z tags for sure, I've tried them all. Z tags are one piece, and if you use a marker, mark it twice or three times, it holds it's mark fairly well. Pre-printed numbers seem to be visible better, and for a longer period of time. Hay rings will pull them out, no matter what brand.
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    I need advice in Starting a Cattle Farm

    scottdaniel14, Don't go into debt. Find the local old timers, and talk to them!!! They will be your best source of wisdom. Pay little attention to the extension service...if you do everything they'll be bankrupt in 6 months. Don't expect too much, and keep it simple.
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    Gov program question

    peacemaker, I would stay away from them. I signed up, and they said 90%, but after talking to other folks, that ain't so, it's more like 75%. Plus it was so complicated with the federal programs combined with the state programs, I got fretted with it. My wife has a MBA, and the fed guy sat at...