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    Genomic scores vs EPDs

    My thoughts exactly Ken. Easy to 'breed' figures, just use 2 high EBV animals. Not happy with Angus Australia and have no faith in genomics, as they are just used to tweak EBVs as you said. Just means we always have our wallet open, paying for Breedplan and genomic tests.
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    Hip replacements

    I had double knee replacement in 2012. Gave me my life back. Just make sure you do the rehab (I did 2 weeks in same hospital and the physio was a dragon (bless her heart) but I left with 2 walking sticks. Kept exercising at home as per instructions and can't believe how good the past 8 years...
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    CT Roll-Call

    Here. Registered and commercial black Angus, meat sheep, dust, lots of dust...Think I joined CT about 11 years ago.
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    SAV America Topic Locked

    I enjoyed the SAV America thread. Lots of interesting comments and some obviously from those who got their knickers in a twist. We breed registered Angus and although will never hit the big time, we enjoy our cattle and I believe they perform well for their buyers. I have used SAV sires by AI...
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    Emma and Rosie

    Rosie is probably ' coming on'.
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    What Is Wrong?

    I mostly lurk (daily) after discovering CT about eleven years ago when googling Angus defects. Really enjoy some of threads and not easily offended (I think it's an Australian thing to ' take the mickey' ). That was a great post Ken. Totally agree.
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    Sort of limits the conversation to sex, wait , no can't do that either. Oh well, there is always the weather and cows.
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    Opinionated people

    We'll all be ruined said Hanrahan, if willy (can't use the best words to describe him as not allowed to cuss on here) gets elected. Farmers will become an endangered species.
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    Australian Talk.

    Yes, still here Jilleroo. Judged cattle today at a local show- weather was superb and a good number of cattle. Exhibitors all hoping for a good fall of rain this weekend. Has the drought finally finished for you Jilleroo? Ken, are you going to Wattletop dispersal?
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    Bigger arses

    I would be interested in knowing the Canadian bloodlines please. I have have been using Canadian genetics with good results and your bull looks like my kind of sire. Love the thickness and hindquarters.
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    Bigger arses

    He is a beauty Supa Dexta. What is his breeding please?
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    Yes, thank you Macon. Much appreciated.
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    Fantastic. I couldn't use photo bucket either so above was a quick practice run. Thank you Dun. The images are my nice show heifer and one of our fields after rain in last 2 weeks. We have had almost 10" rain in past 8 weeks and our yearly average is only 19".
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    Ladies - AIing/Palpating

    Spot on Dun. I just let my arm and hand go limp and wait until contraction eases (silently cussing, sometimes not so silently).if I AI at night(in dark) cows seem more relaxed and so do I (maybe because I had a few wines with dinner ( supper). :D
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    Ladies - AIing/Palpating

    I only AI my own and started doing so in 2003. Usually AI on natural standing heats so it is a bit spread out.Last week did 8 in one day as they were sync'ed and last year had 12 in one day ( 5 were donors so were done twice each). If my arthritis isn't playing up ( yep, Im a senior citizen...)...
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    Long Yearlings

    Nice bulls Gizmom. B68 is a good sort. What is his breeding?
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    Australian Talk.

    I lurk on CT everyday (whilst sitting in my Kawasaki mule "supervising" the young bulls grazing the lanes around our property- I'm like Willie Nelson -on the road again....) but don't often post. We have been waiting months for rain and finally had 52mm at end April and it is raining at the...
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    Uno Mas or Spartacus

    Very small for 291 days. I'd go with the back up bull but DNA will tell the reality. Cute baby.
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    Nah, just wearing red knee high socks. Very nice cattle Ron.