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    Show Heifer

    This is not true. American cattle ARE allowed to cross the border into Canada, but they cannot return once they are in Canada. It is Canadian cattle currently who cannot cross the border into the USA. Like you say, this may change in March for cattle under 30 months. Embryos, semen, and...
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    infertile or late maturing Charolais heifers?

    I've raised Charolais for over 20+ years and I haven't seen the breeding trouble that a lot of people talk about. What it breaks down to is not breeding all the maternal traits out of them. We breed our herd of 60+ females 100% AI and have gotten 85-90% conception on first service over the...
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    Show Heifer

    Yes, we have Charolais show heifer prospects for sale. All have been halter broke and one has even been to three shows. They range in price from around $2000-$3500. All are registered Charolais, and most are ET calves out of M6 GridMaker, Wyoming Wind, etc. If you are interested, contact me...