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    back again, with some calf issues

    Ill clear it with the herd manager to see if I can go to the vet tomorrow and get some. I'd feel a lot safer with Bo-se.
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    back again, with some calf issues

    Yep, I was aware of Mu-se and overdosing. The last 3 I've had appear healthy, but the real determiner will come in one week. Had one heifer calf yesterday and two bulls. So far no more heifer calves have died, so I keep my fingers crossed.
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    back again, with some calf issues

    btw, affected calves rarely make it past 7-10 days. It's primarily taking out the heifer calves, which makes me believe that milk replacer is making them more susceptible to disease.
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    back again, with some calf issues

    Hi again... Talked to the herd manager and he's 100% convinced my problem lies in the fact that the dry cows arent getting fed enough. They're after the feeder (and now I am too, since Im aware that this is the issue) to feed more. His theory is that these calves never have a chance because...
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    back again, with some calf issues they are not. Used to work for a calf raiser and she gave that. Honestly hadn't thought of it until you mentioned that. Would that be a possible cause of this?
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    back again, with some calf issues

    Hi there: Been over 2 years since I've posted here, and Im sure most of you don't remember me. So...Im working as a calf manager/feeder for a 300 cow dairy. This guy was sending his calves out to custom raisers until early this summer, when they raised their costs too high for his liking...
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    automatic milking

    Culling at 50 lbs.? Geez! I know of some guys that's there herd average! LOL Current dairy I work for uses 30 lbs. as the cutoff if they're open.
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    Ya'll Be Careful!

    I get a little too complacent even with dairy cattle. So used to them being predictable, but now and than they can turn into holy terrors. Had one come right at me, defying total logic. She is a little Jersey/X, a little TOO little for a holstein parlor. I had about 2 seconds to think on...
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    Employer failure to withhold FICA

    I've been thinking long and hard about this, and I'll start withholding on my own the next time he pays me. Given my current debt load I'll probably be able to take out $200/month until the dreaded day in April. Still, this won't come out to be enough. Can I make payments to the IRS? :cry2...
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    Employer failure to withhold FICA

    He cashes some of his milk check :) My brother is an accountant and does my taxes. He flatly refuses to do them for 08 unless I report this income.
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    Employer failure to withhold FICA

    He pays in cash, to the tune of around $1600/month. It's pathetic what someone in my tax bracket gets nailed with, I know that from past employers. Don't get me started on that.
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    Employer failure to withhold FICA

    I'd assume he's paying me under the table. Thanks for your input everyone. Not sure how long this job will continue, if something else opens up I'd leave in a heartbeat. Weather I file as a independent contractor or not at all probably will depend on how long I work for him.
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    Employer failure to withhold FICA

    I know that legally an employer is not required to withhold state and federal taxes, but I am also aware that they are required to withhold SS and Medicare. My boss is doing neither, and pays in cash. When I asked him about it he laughed and said, "legally you don't work for me. Don't report...
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    New to dairy

    Dun...did you use Dairy Comp 305 to record your data as you tested? Never had seen that until the dairy I used to work for. Pretty cool how you can see the increase/decrease at the end of the shift, once it is printed.
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    What have you seen

    Minor I suppose to some of the stuff mentioned here, but the Preakness and Barbaro's leg breaking. That haunts me to this day.
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    dairy calve vs beef calves

    I'd second the idea of jacketing them. I work for a custom calf raiser, and ALL newborns are jacketed immediately upon arrival, than housed in individual huts until weaning.
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    Early Risers

    I'm up at 3 AM because of my job. Have to be to work with the bawling baby calves at 4 AM. :)
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    born2run visits MM (pics)

    Friends. :D
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    born2run visits MM (pics)

    Special thanks to MM for the grand time I had! She did a great job of showing me Wyoming in four days! I enjoyed every second of it! The horse she rode was a high strung gelding that acted a lot older than 9 years old. :) It was great fun to see them just take off and run, but I was mighty...
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    Robot milkers

    There's a local dairy that is putting in robots. I've heard that they're milking about 100, give or take, and expect the robot to milk about half. I'd be interested to know how they work in mega herds. I can see the pros and cons, but evidently the normal parlor system still outweighs the...