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    Sunn Hemp

    Too late to plant in Central South Alabama and make a hay crop & nitrogen for my ryegrass this Fall?
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    "Determinate" Tomatoes

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    Angus Cattle Must Be Very Clean Animals

    I say this because they stay in the ponds all day..........every day.
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    Don't Even Try

    to convince me that small birthweight calves have no bearing on abnormal presentations. Had an angus heifer last night that was close. Got her in the barn before dark. An hour later I came back, got her in the chute to check for irregularities and sure enough, both front feet were crossed and...
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    JD 400 Mixer Grinder

    Tell me about them. Parts still available?
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    I thought you might like to see the growing ration I feed.

    Looks like a very cheap feed that utilizes "Grain By-products" instead of real grain. The 4th most abundant ingredient in the feed comes from a paper mill? "Roughage Products" could be anything from pine straw to wood bark. Trash feed.....................................................
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    Question On USDA Grading

    Was asked a question the other day and didn't exactly know how to answer. The question was: "If the USDA Grading system is based on fat content of meat, with higher fat content being better, why is Ground beef with a higher fat content so much cheaper than lean Ground beef"? I really had a...
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    Plant Growth Regulators

    Primo Maxx or Proxy? Primo seems to save me from cutting until about 6-7 weeks intervals. Has anyone used Proxy? I have a Tifway 419 lawn and various southern shrubs. Talked to 3 greenskeepers. 2 said Primo worked best and the other said it was a tossup.
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    Speaking Of Cattle Photos

    A few days ago when I got my new Charolais Journal, I was knocked out by the front page photograph. Congrats to my good friend Floyd Wampler (SE Char Field Director) for the pic. The animal itself is a good representative of the Char breed and the setting of the photo is perfect. Hope you enjoy...
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    Whipping Okra

    Your methods please.
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    Watermelons Moved

    Been keeping a good eye on the peas, corn, melons etc about 3-4 times nightly with spotlight and shotgun. Have a mystery here. Something is carrying my melons across a field next to the melon patch. Found some as far as 100 yards away. I don't think deer, coons, or armadiggers can carry them...
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    "Fi" Fi" & "Fido" Off Menu?

    Chew on This: Dog Meat Off of Olympics Menus Friday , July 11, 2008 BEIJING — Canine cuisine is being sent to the doghouse during next month's Beijing Olympic Games. Dog meat has been struck from the menus of officially designated Olympic restaurants, and Beijing tourism officials are...
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    Sick Of Pickin Peas!!!!!!!

    Anyone need some Top Pick Cream peas? Done picked and shelled about 14 bushels. Come by and pick. Have Sheller. :roll:
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    An "Alternative" Feed?

    Sweet potatoes produce TONS per acre, but I have questions of how expensive it would be to dry and grind sweet potatoes. Anyone ever done this?
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    Chuck Norris Facts I like this one: When doing push-ups Chuck Norris is not pushing himself up, he's pushing the earth down!
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    Future Growth Rankings By Country

    Ranking of Countries for Future Growth in World Beef Trade Sparks Companies, Inc., a widely-respected marketing and management firm, recently conducted a study on the potential competitiveness of various nations in future global beef trade. Their predictions are based on a detailed analysis of...
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    You may or may not want to miss it. :lol: By WRCB/NBC News Channel BELL BUCKLE, Tennessee -- Visitors to the 14th annual RC Cola and MoonPie festival in Bell Buckle, Tennessee are in for a treat this weekend. A giant 100 pound, 75,000 calorie MoonPie has been whipped up for the festival...
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    Nebraskan Carp-O-Rama

    Carp enthusiasts gather for Carp-O-Rama By CARA PESEK / Lincoln Journal Star Saturday, Jun 21, 2008 - 06:37:00 pm CDT “Let me tell you what you can do with carp,” says Stan Krause as he wields a long sharp knife, effortlessly cleaning one of the fish. You can bake them, he says. You can pickle...
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    PETA PO'ed

    Jessica Simpson with a dig at Peta and Carrie Underwood?
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    Stored Hay - Loss Study

    6/13/2008 3:50:00 PM Comparing Storage Methods Of Big Round Bales Fuel and labor costs have made hay baling an increasingly expensive chore. Harvesting and storing quality hay will be as important in today's economic environment as it has ever been. Once the hay is harvested, keeping...