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    Dead calf

    I need some help. Short version of the story. I found a dead calf this morning with what looked like pie topping coming from both nostrils. 30 minutes earlier the calf was up, the calf was nursing the night before. The calf was 5 weeks old. No other symptoms were shown. No blood in the...
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    Fall Army Worms

    I had to spray last Friday. You could almost hear them eating their way across the field.
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    Serial Number Search

    Thanks for the help! My JD dealer told me the parts book was a 1965 copyright so that is in the right range.
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    Serial Number Search

    I am in a friendly argument over the age of a baler we own. Its a John Deere 24T and we are trying to find out how old it is. Does anyone know of a website that I can search the serial number to find a production year?
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    Grass Management

    I read with interest the post a few days back on aging cows by teeth. There were some interesting responses about teeth condition being related to good pasture management. I think it was CB who said we need to think as grass farmers first. What do you feel is the most important thing in...
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    something for when you are bored!

    Give me a hint on #15...the Neigh WHinny thing! This is terribly frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Digital scales

    Is there a source for good used scales somewhere? We are in need of scales for the same reason mentioned above...the trip to the chip mill to weigh is getting old!
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    We are running hughesnet and have had good luck with it. We do homeschooling so we download a lot of stuff and dial up was not practical. My employer has DSL and hughes is faster on some things and a little slower on others. The only frustration for me is service. Tech support is a...
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    Baler Belt Repairs

    Does anyone have a website for baler belt repair parts? I was hoping to find something beside having to go back with factory expensive parts.
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    Protein Content in hay

    Is there a relationship between fertility and protein content? Does protein content increase or decrease with time after cutting?
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    479 NH Haybine Trouble

    Having a problem shearing the drive bolt that holds the cutter bar to the wobble box. I have checked everything I know to check and have found no bearings out. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Challenger Hay equipment

    Just wondering what anyone has to say about the Challenger line of hay equipment. Looking at one of their balers and wanted some opinions.
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    Bermuda Variety

    Saw an ad for Sungrazer 777 Forage Bermuda. Anyone know anything about it?
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    Just wondering about insuring a herd of commercial cows. With my luck lately I am thinking I should be carrying mortality insurance to some degree.
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    bale elevator

    Anyone know where you can find a good used bale elevator. Not particular on size. Anyone know what they sell for new?
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    Get rich farming

    The problem with the majority of the well "paid" farmers is that they EXPECT to be helped. They are not willing to change methods, spending habits or lifestyles to meet the challenges of todays agriculture. They still plant crops based solely on what our government will pay. It doesn't bother...
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    Irrigation on Pastures

    I saw the system at the Arkansas Cattlemen Conference last weekend. It looks to be a very simple system. The dealer for Arkansas is a personal friend and he says it is the best thing going for pasture irrigation and the price is not that bad. There is a website to look it over...
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    Ear Tag Info

    I was wondering what information some of you put on the ear tags. I know this is personal preference as for as much or as little as you can. I am trying to decide what info to put on the calf tags as they are born. Thanks for any information
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    Drill or Overseed??

    I am wanting to plant some rye and ryegrass on mostly bahai pastures. Which is pasture drill or broadcast overseed? Follow up question...what rate of each would you recommend? I have found some information that gave the rates in bushels per acre but nowhere can I find how...
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    calving percentage

    I am not sure that calving percentage is the proper term that I am looking for but what I want is to know what is the norm/acceptable range for percentage of healthy calves from a herd of mommas. In calculations, where do you figure calves that were born but died a couple of days later? And a...