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    I was wondering if there is any one out there that have colored dairy breeds in Canada for sale. I would prefer if they were baby heifers or breeding age heifers. You can contact me at [email protected] Thanks.
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    Clay pigeons

    No but i have heard of this a lot
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    What ever you do do not over flush. About once a month is more than reasnabole
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    Big Sexy

    I was on the Sek Genetics website and say this bull i didn't bother looking at him But i thought i would reply. Thanks good luck with the hiefer!
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    i would have to say grand slam.
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    Pregnancy question

    i have dairy cattle and we wait at least 3 months to breed back.
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    Pregnant cow or not?

    If you have the cow in with some hiefers or other cows than you should buy a box of heat dedectores (i would get K-Mars). If the Dedector gets poped than you should breed her.
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    what to breed fullblood Maine Anjou to?

    I've been told that Angus work well crossed with Maine's.
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    working dog

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    Best Truck??

    Gm's are good but i still like a good Ford.
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    really large udder

    The teat sweally should come down in a few days but she might have a bad case of mastitis. just strip her to back teats and if the milk is curdled you might want to give her a mastitis treatment.
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    Apology to the Americans. (no offence to anyone)

    Your making yourself a discrace to canadians!
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    what should i grow in my pasture

    I would just grow a pasture grass.
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    weak twin

    I would bottle feedthe weaker one intill it builds up some good strength. Then you could probally let go back on the mother.
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    show heifer prospects

    I show dairy heifers and i will normally pay up to $6,000 Canadian.
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    Milking Black angus

    I was told about a guy who milked Black and red angus For a special type of cheese. Was wondering if anyone Milks beef cows or Knows some one who does. Thanks!
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    I live in canada andjust finished reading an article saying that Bush should not open the border. But the dairy guys down here are milking way to many cows and they are losing money when the send them for cull. They lose even more if they put them through the sale barn. And thebeef guys are...
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    success at flushing heifers

    I knew someone who flushed a dairy heifer and when she calfed she had a real sore sight for an udder. So i would wait till she's had at least one calf.
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    Show Heifer

    I would like to purchase a nice Beef heifer either Angus or Charlois Was wondering if anyone had one for sale.
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    What Breed?

    I own dairy cattle and i would like to get 6 or 7 beef cattle i was wonderingwhat breed or breeds you would suggest buying.