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    New Relationship

    Is it okay to enter into a new relationship with another person after a failed marriage? How long do you usually wait before one can get involved with someone after a divorce? Just want to know your thoughts on this..
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    Mountain to city

    We are staying here in the city for a while and I am not used to noisy cars and crowded people. I am frustrated and refuses to go out. What should I do?
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    Work stress

    Can you give me some insights on how to manage work stress?
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    Best exercise for osteoarthritis

    Hi All! I hope you can help me start a good exercise program to prevent severe attacks of osteoarthritis pain.
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    Halloween celebration

    Halloween is just around the corner. What are your plans for this year? Any additional characters to your decorations? What will you be wearing?
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    What are your Food safety practices?

    Hello to fellow members who are into food related business. I'm managing a restaurant soon and I want to ensure quality and good service. I'm aware that we are required for a food risk analysis and preventive controls. What food safety practices do you implement to ensure that we comply with the...
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    Your views

    Hi. What can you say about Utility Expense and Data Management? I need views from users and present it on our next meeting in a few weeks. Why do you think we should have one? Your inputs will be highly appreciated.
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    how do you identify and control food safety hazards?

    My parents are going to open up a food business. As per regulation, food businesses must put in place, implement and maintain a food safety management system based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles to ensure the food produced from their premises is safe to eat. We...
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    Helping my cousin find a software

    My cousin is in charge of making sure that their company is compliant with the standards set by OSHA. To make things easier, he is looking for a software that can help manage the processes related to their compliance. Any ideas of what software would be good?
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    Getting more website traffic

    So I finally got a website up for my meat and poultry shop. Any tips on how I can get more traffic and ultimately, more customers?
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    Call center start up

    How much do you think it'd cost to start a call center? I'm planning on a small one for my meat and poultry shops. How long before I recoup what I've invested?
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    Team Building Activities?

    We're going to have a team building this May with communication as the main focus. There'll be 25 people and we'll be staying in a resort for three days. I need help coming up with fun indoor and outdoor activities that will not bore my employees. Any ideas?
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    On Solar Energy Sources

    I have been interested in renewable energy specifically solar energy sources since it is very promising nowadays. I have read a few case studies and testimonials both indicating advantages and disadvantages. I would want to ask if there is anyone out here who have used solar energy as their main...
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    Are there any apps to locate fishing lakes?

    Every time I try to find one I end up with tons of fishing games that side track me. Me and my spouse love going fishing and catching dinner (makes us feel like we're living the good life...don't ask lol) well I hate having to go to the same few fishing spots. I would LOVE to find a new one...
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    Rant: Bad Airline Experience

    We recently had a bad experience with a certain airline and I want to write a review. Aside from forums, where else can I write, hopefully, so that their management / leaders will see it? I already went on their website and they only provide an email address for comments/suggestions/feedback.