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    Ive been looking in some of the sire catalogs and have noticed a trend in the past 10 years or so that Birth Weights have been climbing exponentially now personally i don't care for pulling calves on first year heifers but maybe Im missing something.
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    I was recently told with regard to my views on breeding stock that structure is a thing of the past. However i feel that if we lose structure we lose production. I was just wondering if this was a common thought process or if this is just a cranky old rancher lookin for trouble.
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    Is Prophet BLACK and white

    Its been said that black is the only color that sells and i am noticing that in my local market this seems to be the theme. Is this simply brilliant marketing on behalf of breed associations or can you back up your claims with stats.
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    Breed Character What happened to it?

    I've been scouting a lot of county and state fairs lately and i must say what happened to breed character? In the breeding classes they seem to have forgotten what breeds are supposed to look like. This is something that has befuddled me for a while now. We pay these judges to pick the best and...