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    I was wondering if there is any one out there that have colored dairy breeds in Canada for sale. I would prefer if they were baby heifers or breeding age heifers. You can contact me at [email protected] Thanks.
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    Milking Black angus

    I was told about a guy who milked Black and red angus For a special type of cheese. Was wondering if anyone Milks beef cows or Knows some one who does. Thanks!
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    I live in canada andjust finished reading an article saying that Bush should not open the border. But the dairy guys down here are milking way to many cows and they are losing money when the send them for cull. They lose even more if they put them through the sale barn. And thebeef guys are...
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    Show Heifer

    I would like to purchase a nice Beef heifer either Angus or Charlois Was wondering if anyone had one for sale.
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    What Breed?

    I own dairy cattle and i would like to get 6 or 7 beef cattle i was wonderingwhat breed or breeds you would suggest buying.
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    Showing Shorthorns

    I was wondering if anyone milks and shows Milking Shorthorns. If yes what do you guys use for top lines.
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    Brown Swiss

    I was wondering if anyone knows were i could get my hands on some good Brown Swiss genetics. Thanks.
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    Fitting legs

    I show holstein heifers and use baby powder to make the knees lighter but i don't really like it and was wondering if anyone had a substite for babypowder.
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    Minature Holstein

    I heard about Crossing Dexters with Holstein to get minature holstein was wonder if any body Knew more about these cattle. Thanks
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    Canadienne Cows

    I was wondering if anyone Knows anthing about Canadienne cattle and where imight be able to find one.
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    Canadienne Cows

    Hi i was wondering if any one know somthing about Canadeinne Cattle and where i might be able to get one.