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    Winter Dysentery or BVD?

    My cow/ calf herd has bloody diarrhea. Some also have snotty noses and a few are coughing. The cows were vaccinated 5 weeks ago (cows only 1 shot.... annual revac with KV). The calves vaccinated 5 weeks ago and boostered 1 week ago with MLV. (The weather has been cold and real windy the last 10...
  2. J

    Charolais X Simmental calf

    I have a Simmental heifer that got bred by a Charolais/Angus bull (he was yellow with hints of black in the head & chest). She had her calf today, a steel grey bull calf with curly hair (also feet knuckling under). I'm not real educated on cross breeding. Can anyone give me any insight on this...
  3. J

    GAR Precision 1680

    I bought an angus bred heifer at a herd dispersal, and she had a nice bull calf. I was thinking about keeping him as a herd bull. The calf's sire was sold at the dispersal too, he's a nice looking bull. The calf's grand sire is GAR US Premium Beef, whose sire is '1680'. His dam is 'supposed to...
  4. J

    Is Dried Distillers Corrosive?

    Will hauling dried distillers in my pickup make it rust? Someone said there is enough sulfur in it to start rust. I only get 1000# at a time, so the pickup works well. I don't need to help out the road salt, it'll get my truck soon enough.
  5. J

    Infection from Banding?

    I banded a 600# calf 5 days ago. He got a tetanus shot earlier and then a booster at banding. Yesterday the scrotum was swollen, the skin near the band looks infected. Temp was 103.6. Gave him banamine & Pen G, sprayed on topical treatment. Today 2nd Pen G, temp 102. Still swollen & soar. Plan...