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    New Holland TS130A what's your view?

    Thinking about buying a NH TS130A tractor. What your opinions? The Dealer quoted $45,000 for 2WD.
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    Kent mineral price going up.

    I was told by my local feed dealer that Kent mineral 365 is going up 7 dollars a bag by June first. I pay $18.00 a bag now. Has anybody heard the mineral you use is going up?
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    Slagle Angus Sale.

    Does anybody know how the Slagle Angus sale went?
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    Your thoughts on Slagle Angus bulls.

    I'm considering buying an Angus bull from Slagle's in Nebraska. Your thoughts on your experiences with his bulls will be much appreciated.
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    Selling calves in the middlle of a sale.

    Is then any evidence that selling your calves in the middle of a big calf auction you'll have the highest chance of getting the best price?
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    Adjusted weights on Angus

    AAA adds pounds on to calves that were born to first calve heifers. Somebody told me today that the AAA does it also on calves that were born to old cows. Is this correct and how much do they add? Thanks.
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    Your Vote needed on an Angus you would select.

    In an Angus Bull, if you had to make a choice. Would you pick a bull with great bloodlines and EPD's with poor phenotype or a bull with good phenotype and low EPD's and poorer quality bloodlines. This is for a commercial herd on cows.
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    Which angus bull calf to keep?

    I'd like everybodies opinion on which purebred Reg. Angus bull to keep. 1) EPD's BW 2.0, WW 34, Milk 17, YW 64 BW 85 lbs, adj 205 wt 682, ADG of since birth 2.91 Parentage Traveler 6807, DAM's 2nd calf 2) EPD's BW 3.3, WW 46, milk 20, YW 86 BW 65 lbs, adj. 205 wt 660, ADG...
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    PMC hay feeder

    I'm thinking about buying a PMC 500 hay feeder, Does it hold up? Any comments would be helpful. Thanks.
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    Your opinions on neutron 377 calves.

    I'm thinking about buying an angus bull out of SA Neutron 377 sire. If anybody has cattle from that bull, what do you think of them. Thanks for your reply.