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    Howdy Everyone, I ran into a guy the other day and i was telling him i had to sew up two prolaps today and he told me you can give oxytocin in the vein and it will pull the prolaps in on its own in about thirty minutes i dont know if this is true. Have any of yall ever heard of that or have...
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    wormer suggestions

    I have used both and cant tell which one works better but i would have to agree with kenny stay away from the off brand stuff.
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    starting to buy cattle

    Pits4life, How big are these calves going to be? and how many?
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    starting to buy cattle

    Welcome to the board! I would highly recommend worming, a dose of bovi shield gold 5, and a dose of blackleg Electroid 7 and since they are coming from a sale barn i would give them antibiotics (micotil, Neflour, or draxxin) which ever one i really like draxxin we will run alot of steer and...
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    Halter breaking a 2YO

    Yeah that is what i have been told she is doing okay has came a long way. She likes to bite me. sam
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    Fencing Problem

    Chicken barn would be better!
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    Halter breaking a 2YO

    Flaboy, I am just trying to get her used to me and gain some more confidence before i go to trying to halter break her she will come up to me with feed and eat out of the bucket but she will not let pet her without feed. thats all i have acomplished. Sam
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    Halter breaking a 2YO

    Thank yall both for the advise i very much appriecated! i think i will try the cowboy halter first and see how well that works. Thanks Sam
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    Halter breaking a 2YO

    I do not have a round pen but i have a cattle pen that i just put panels up in the corners. Let me make sure i have the halter thing down. so the loop that i slide over her neck it is seperate from the loop i put on her nose? Thanks Sam
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    Halter breaking a 2YO

    She has not been on a halter or had a rope on her. Thanks Sam
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    Halter breaking a 2YO

    Thank you very much for the advise. Thanks Sam
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    Halter breaking a 2YO

    I apperiecate the advise i will try that. But would you use serveral inner tubes or just one? Do i leave her tied up until she repects the rope? Thanks Sam
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    Halter breaking a 2YO

    Hello Everyone I was wonting some advise about Halter breaking my 2 year old horse she is a small horse. Any advise apprieciated! Thanks Sam
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    High -Tech Horse Theft Ring

    I live in 903 area code and i have not heard of anything like that but i will look alittle closer in are local papers. Someone like that needs to be stoped. I am in the proccess of looking for a kid horse. Thanks for telling us!
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    Utility Vehicle???

    I really dont like the Gators because they are rough and really loud. We use Kawasaki Mule 3010 and it is not loud very smooth ride. Have not really had much experance with the other brands. Sam
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    Dodge 1500

    Well i guess i should have explained my self alittle better. I had a friend the other day tell me that the newer trucks Transfer Case was built in with the Transmission so i guess i am wonting to now if the newer trucks (07 modeland up) Transfer case is built in with the Transmission Sorry for...
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    Dodge 1500

    Hello Does anyone have a 07 Dodge 1500 4x4 does the truck have a Transer Case. I dont know if they still use a transer case. I have researched it but i can not find anything. Thanks Sam
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    cattle guards

    got a buddy that has some and he likes them and i have used them a little to and they are great I highly recomind them. Sam
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    Hay straps

    4" straps ratchets.
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    Hay Trailer

    We Haul with a 40' foot gooseneck it can hold 21 bales it is nice when you are hauling alot but it does take about 20 min to unload. Sam