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    Tx brucellosis vacc requirements

    I go by what your vet said. Like someone else said I don’t sweat over missing a few unless someone is showing them or they will eventually go through a registered sale.
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    Cow calved 4 1/2 months ago and hasn't came into heat.

    Was the vet able to ultrasound her tract? I’d be curious what he found anything off by palpating. What is your mineral regimen like?
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    Finish for private treaty sale

    I don't actually market fed steers. It seems when people hear I'm feeding one they come out of the woodwork. From church, Facebook etc... I think I could sell 10 per year without advertising. Nice thing for me is that most of my friends and neighbors are city folk that moved out here and still...
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    Finish for private treaty sale

    I’m curious to know what people are selling home grown beef for. I was just feeding for myself but now others are begging to ask if I’ll raise and feed one for them. Are you selling by live weight or hanging? What kind of pricing? Does that price include the harvesting?