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    How to mix dry ice and alcohol freeze brand

    How do I mix dry ice and alcohol for a freeze brand? And how much do I need? 8 calves total. Have some weaned calves I want to freeze brand. First time thanks.
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    Coughing cows 100 degrees

    Keep some cattle north of Amarillo. Went last week and noticed a cow and a calf (not hers) with a cough. Spent a week out there , they didn’t seem to get any worse. I had switched thier feed to mature alfalfa (late bud ). I wanted to know what you all think may be causing the coughing ? Feed...
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    Freeze brand with stainless steel?

    Anyone know if I can use my stainless steel brand as a freeze brand ? If so will it work as well ?
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    V A R Signal 7244

    Thoughts on this bull? V A R Signal 7244. Numbers seem good but, unproven. I am not to familiar with his dam or VAR. I would like to put him in some 16-17 month old heifers.
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    Rainfall or Enhance ? President or Elation?

    Who makes a better more MARKETABLE bull Rainfall or Enhance? Going to use on heifers. Cows I can’t decide on President or Elation. I like Enhance scrotal , docility , growth. But he is weak mid rib on back. I will keep heifers.
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    VAR Power play and SAV Emblem

    Was googling bulls to breed and saw VAR Power Play and SAV Emblem. Anyone know anymore about these bulls? Seems like Power Play’s strength is his dam, we used Payweight 1682 last year and cut them all at weaning. Thank you