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    Guess I should have added that I have sold some hay at my price recently. The cold and looming drought has brought hay prices up. If it is an average year I will end up with some outside hay at end of summer.
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    Went ahead and locked it up for another year. We are in d2 drought now and may be a good year to have extra hay ground.
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    120v converter for pickup.

    I have 750 watt inverter that clips on to the battery and I know it will run a air compressor (4 gallon) and pump a front tire on 65hp 4wd tractor!
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    I am with you 1982, no way I am gonna sell hay for break even... I've probably miscounted with my math skills on the break even too..
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    I have a good truck but I am sort of a weekend warrior. Time is my biggest enemy!
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    No advice, but a question. What advantage would you have with that much hay? I understand the point of "can't have too much hay", but at some point that has to be off base, the question at some point has to be "can you have too much hay?". HD I am thinking the same as you, but I have been the...
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    I put a lot of hay up last year. So much hay that my barns will still be pretty much full still when hay season arrives this year. I was planning on letting some lease ground go but the owner is really wanting me to cut again. I am sort of in the mindset that you can never have enough hay!! But...
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    Hay Roller bearings??

    I have a br7060 nh, bought new. 2 bearings have went out recently. They are greaseable. How much grease should I be putting to them daily?
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    Bred Cow/ Pair prices???

    What's the going price for bred cows in your area? Pair prices? Hope to do some buying this fall.
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    Broke my hay spear......Help!!

    ebay, titan machinery on there usually has any kind you can imagine.
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    Hay Season 2017

    Just about finished first cut. What a year so far! I have rolled 990 4x5s so far this year. Last year on same ground 550 rolls. A little rain makes a big difference! I also contribute some difference to adding elevated skid shoes to my disc mower last year. Very thankful.
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    Cattle insecticide tag pinned on hat does well for prevention.
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    JD 5085e 540 pro / 1000 pro wing cutter

    I have a 5100e and use the economy pto to cut hay and round bale.
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    TIER 4 Tractors?

    My tractor has 850 hrs and has regened about 6 times. Dont even notice except for that light scaring the crap out of
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    TIER 4 Tractors?

    I have a JD 5100E with the DPF filter, no problems yet. Good tractor! Just curious to see how others with the tier 4 stuff is doing? Gonna be buying another 100hp tractor this year and trying to decide used or new?
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    grass heading out

    My fescue has started heading out also, within last week. We are still in drought, but got 1.75 of rain in last few days! May cut hay Sunday/Monday. That would be first ever hay, cut on my farm in April!
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    Hay Baler

    I bought a NH BR 7060 silage in 2011. About 3,000 rolls so far. All it does is make roll after roll !!
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    AL Pasture to Rail retained ownership program

    Will be paying attention!!!
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    Supplementing Feed with Hay

    I am in same boat as kilroy, and trying to figure a way to stretch hay too. Would hay and 5pd of corn gluten WORK?
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    Prices are really dropping at the sale. I may have to just follow their trailers to the sale bc on the farm price is way above sale prices. I am willing to pay some above cow sale price but not hundreds! I know of 2 young black bawlie pair saleing for 1100 this week.