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    Nitrogen % in Hay

    At what nitrogen % does hay cause nitrate poisoning?
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    wheat hay

    wheat hay has turned brown with a slight vinegar smell to it. What has caused this
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    Ignition Problem

    I have an 89 Ford F150, went out this morning to leave. Turned switch to on position and had no dash instrument lights, continued to turn to the start position, engine turned over and started, released switch to on position and engine died. Replaced with new switch still has the same problem...
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    Royal B Sale

    Did Brightwell have a sale today?
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    Road conditions

    I'm going to south central Louisiana from TN and was wondering about road conditions on I20 thru MS and LA. I was also thinking about going I40 and then turning south somewhere. Looking for input on any fuel shortages or road closures.
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    Horn Irons

    Has anyone had any experience with dehorning with a horn iron? I've been told if done before 2 months the head will almost appear polled.
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    National Show for Brahman

    When and where will the ABBA's National show be held?
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    Hereford hair

    Spring 04 we bought 3 Hereford heifers, all 3 came out of show strings (alot of hair). This spring they have calved, 1 has slicked off and 2 have not. We have dewormed twice, once with Ivomec Inj. and followed that with Safeguard paste (about 35 days between treatments). Two of these are still...