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    Finally got rain in central OK!!! Had 2 and 1/4 in the rain gauge by 3 o clock. Now come on grass!!!
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    Angus Source

    I know about CAB and the gist of it. But is anyone familiar with the Angus Source program?? Do you think it pays off??
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    Experience with these bulls??

    This weekend I went to a sale and saw some sons from these bulls. Connealy Onward: N Bar Emulation: Does anyone have any experience with these bulls??
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    Two New Hereford Heifers

    Picked up two new hereford heifers this weekend. They are last march's calves, so they are almost exactly a year old. What do you guys think? First Heifer Second Heifer I know I cut the a** off the second heifer when I uploaded the pics. Hopefully Dun will come along and resize for me :D
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    Uniform Herd vs. Several Breeds.

    Saw one of the local commercial cattlemen at the feed store today. He has a great looking herd of angus cows and will run different breeds of bulls over them and sell all the calves as terminals and when he gets ready for replacements he runs a angus bull over em. So all his mama cows are all...
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    Stupid Ice

    Well i am officially diagnosed with a broken tail bone. Of course i would have this bad luck. :lol:
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    Low BW Hereford Sires

    I just picked up a couple nice looking hereford heifers. They were last springs calves and will be ready to breed may/june. I decided i would like to ai them to a good hereford bull and was going to see if anyone knew of a hereford ai sire with a really low BW since they are heifers.
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    Black Herefords

    I came across this website and was looking at it cuz it interested me. Not that i want to buy any, but i just dont understand how they could come up with black herefords without adding some of another breed in there.
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    Red vs Black Angus at the market

    I was doing some thinking and I am still somewhat new to all of this, but the huge push for black is due to the market being dominated by angus. However there are red angus. So if the the reason the market is wanting black is simply because of angus beef then why wouldn't red angus bring just as...
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    Mineral Blocks

    As far as a free choice mineral program, is leaving a mineral block out all the time enough or do i need to be doing more? Please feel free to tell me about your mineral programs and what seems to work best.
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    Replacement Heifers

    I am actually asking this question for a friend of mine. He has a decent looking bunch of angus cows. He is a commercial operations and is now looking to cross. He wants to maximize by now crossing his angus with another breed for replacements and when he has all the cows he wants, he eventually...
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    Horned/Polled Hereford

    I was going to get some hereford cows and have the option of getting horned or polled. I was wondering what the benefits of having horned/or polled cattle are? And also,I was wondering how the polled gene works. For example, if you breed a horned hereford bull to polled cows, would the offspring...
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    Star Lake Herefords

    This hereford breeder is fairly close to me and I was considering looking into using some of their sires to AI some of my hereford dams. I wanted everyone to take a look and see what they thought and liked. The link below will get you to the directory, but then you can click on the "View...
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    Smokey Bull

    One of my buddies has a smokey bull that is a solid 50 charolais and 50 angus mix. He has a real dark chocolate brown coat. Great muscle and form. He is coming along really nice. I wish i could have got a pic of him. Anyways i have a small commercial herd of black angus and black baldies. What...
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    Hereford EPD Breed Standards

    I was trying to look up the Hereford breed standard epds. Can you hereford folks help me out?
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    Black baldie crosses

    Sorry that this is probably a stupid question but im new to all this. If you cross a homozygous black gelbvieh or limo bull to hereford cows, would you come out with a black white faced calf like in a angus/hereford cross?
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    Breed of Bull

    If a man had a herd of solid black angus and black baldies, what would be some good pure breeds or crosses of bull to put over em to come out with some really nice calves?
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    Heifer not coming into heat

    I have two heifer calves. One is a year and five months and the other is a year and two months. I have fed them good hay and been giving them plenty of grain a day and i put them with the pull about 20 days ago or so and they still havent came into heat. Idk why they havent yet. They are...
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    Shorthorn crosses

    I was wondering what the outcome and benefits of breeding black angus and black baldy heifers to a shorthorn bull would be?
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    Black Baldy Program

    Hello. Let me start off by saying that I am new to this forum and to cattle and I hope I can get some great info from you all. Where Im from, the black baldy is just about as good as it gets as far as the sale barn goes. My question is which setup for producing a black baldy calf crop is more...