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    Any suggestions catching wild cow.

    I have fed in a pen that is attached to the trailer. I then set my deer blind up with a rope to the gate. Let them eat for a few days then caught them. Getting them into the trailer took some coaxing... Straight to the sale barn. Nobody has time for that craziness.
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    Rake wheels

    When sitting in the seat, just like a vehicle.
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    Bulk feed bin spoilage

    My green painted metal bin sweat more than my current white plastic bin. They get pretty dang hot, inside. The white plastic will only get less than an inch of spoilage, only in the cone. The more powder the more is absorbed.
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    1017 lb bull calf

    Weaned or fed/grew????
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    Insulation question?????

    What kind of heat and how warm do you like it? I would use 24 inch non faced rolls. You can cut to size and fill holes with the rest. Ventless propane gives off humidity. That is why heat source is important.
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    Liability insurance for teenagers

    My daughter just got her first car. A $2000 car with liability only is $400, for the rest of the year. So, girl, car and live in Missouri.
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    And the rains came

    First time in a long time that we are haying around rain. Good problem to have.
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    Brush Hog Input bearing and Seal

    I have done it without a press. They can come apart easy or not. If the latter, you will need a press. The press helps the seals go in even. Sometimes you only have one shot. Worst that can happen is you have to spend the extra $40.
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    Brush Hog Input bearing and Seal

    I have fixed 3 or 4. Not a huge job if you have the right tools. A press helps tremendously. Large socket set, press and patience. Talk of corn head grease here on CT is mentioned.
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    Charge for sides of beef

    Customer pays all processing fees.
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    Charge for sides of beef

    I go to the USDA daily value report and price it the day of delivery. I choose "choice" and that is my price. Today it is $2.14/ hanging weight.
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    Portable 1 Ton Feed Bin/Buggy

    Several people use the side discharge portable feed bin. They seem to like them, but need a dry place to store them. Price drops with a ton bought, at a time. I buy 2.5 tons. Delivery is $30 for trucking. The bin will pay for itself very quickly.
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    Hay feeder for horned cattle

    I would think a horse hay feeder will work. No top bar to catch on.
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    Lime question

    One place here spreads for you, $40/acre. This is a lime truck. For 100 acres, ouch.
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    Bighorn Sheep

    Ok. Now you are just showing off. Pretty neat, seeing and hearing about land I may never see. Thanks, keep it coming.
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    Ran out of business.

    This is a couple of hours west of me. Profound sadness with a bit of anger. It is with profound sadness that, due to economics, we are closing operations of Valley Oaks Steak Company in Johnson County, Missouri. The cattle industry and beef market is dominated by a few large corporations...
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    Winter wheat or rye grass or mix of both

    Very good luck with broadcast rye. Tried both here in mid MO. Like the rye better. Better germination with only broadcasting on short pasture.
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    Hay question

    Mid Missouri, they figure 6 good round bales of hay, per adult animal. Good hay has a lot of meanings, 6 bales the same. Give or take. Then have extra for dry weather, early winter, late spring. Also depends on area and available forage. Clear as mud.
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    Will oak leaves kill a cow?

    1/2 of my feed was oak leaves during the 2012 drought. They would hear the chainsaw start and come running.
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    Hey ya'll .....

    I am glad I have no common fencelines with some on this group...