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    5 wk old calf cannot stand up

    We vaccinated & wormed on Saturday- Pinkeye, Virashield 6, Ultrabac 8, pour on Ivermectin. No hurry, very calm and easy. This is a 5 wk old Hereford/Angus bull calf. We also banded him. He was fine and went out with the other calves- only seperated from mom maximum 3 hrs. Went out on Sunday AM...
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    when to feed alfalfa hay?

    Hi, have my heifers on 14% protein, timothy hay... I've been told to feed them alfalfa before they calve and another producer has told me that they will gain too much weight and have trouble calving. The first person says they don't feed alfalfa after calving because the calves scour. So this...
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    Need input-ok to feed moldy or not

    I have 2 opinions given- one says ok to feed to cows in 1st trimester, another says ok thru 2nd trimester. What has your experience been? Thanks. :)
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    hereford longevity

    I am new at this and have hereford heifers.. how many productive years can I expect out of these girls? They are not registered and the owners of the dams have limited info WW, or epds on them or the bull as they are a ranch operation with limited facilities. I know that is not...
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    cattle genetics course?

    Hi, anyone have some info on where you can take a course or get more info on cattle genetics/ breeding? I'm rather new at all this and have a vet tech background/science major in college and would love to continue to learn more. Really want to produce some great eating beef. Have hereford...
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    crossbreeding for longevity

    Hi, I currently have unregistered polled hereford heifers that we bred to a registered angus bull (New Directive sire) last spring. We are breeding to sell the calves at 18 mos. direct to consumers by the 1/2 or 1/4. How many years/calves can we reasonably expect out of these girls? Would it...