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    Ran out of business.

    This is a couple of hours west of me. Profound sadness with a bit of anger. It is with profound sadness that, due to economics, we are closing operations of Valley Oaks Steak Company in Johnson County, Missouri. The cattle industry and beef market is dominated by a few large corporations...
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    My new herd bull?

    Couldn't get him to stand for a good pic. May be a little early to tell. Should he be my new herd bull? How many can he breed this spring? Pick him apart.
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    Found local guys who raise Red Angus and Hereford cows and bulls. Picked up a couple F1's that are covered by a Red Angus. Others are pure bred Red Angus. Most were with calf. $1750/hd. 1st calf heifers. Pretty happy with disposition and looks. Mostly am trying to upload pics via Google...
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    Ford 7910

    Looking at a Ford 7910, MFWD, 5K hours with no loader. Has anyone ever used this tractor? 3 hours from me. Asking $13,500. Just can't get a cab 4x4 for this $. Local parts place can get parts.
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    Money in the bank!

    I like the brown baldie angus type! :bs:
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    Love being a country boy!

    Supper tonight- homegrown maters, taters, ear corn, green beans, onions, peppers and cukes. All sitting beside fresh caught bluegill. City people have no idea what they are missing!