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    Problems pulling a portable squeeze chute

    I bought a portable Priefert squeeze chute so I could work cattle on rented land without having to haul them to our main working area. It worked really well this past summer when we had a massive pinkeye outbreak. The only problem I have with it is when you pull it on the road you cannot go over...
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    Land in VA Lease prices

    I am looking to lease about 50 acres in SW Virginia. It was once in Christmas trees so the quality is horrible. It would need a little fencing but a lot of work in lime and reseeding to get it back to grazing quality. My question is what would be a good starting rent price for something like...
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    New Chevy Superbowl Commerical ... Thought it was pretty funny myself, What do y'all think about it?
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    Reg Bull Question

    I have never purchased a registered bull before. I have 20 head of young commercial cattle, 10 that just had their first calves this past march and 10 that are 14-15 month old heifers. Last year I bred my first 10 by A.I and had really good luck with it, we only missed 3. I am looking for a...
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    Paralyzed Cow

    To start off, I have had no problems calving this year until now. We have had 25 calves with no issues with 5 more to go. Last week I found one of my cows laying down normal so I didn't bother checking on her. The next morning I week out to check the few cows we have left to calve and I noticed...
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    What do you put on backrubbers?

    We are having bad trouble with flies this year (we are located in southwest Virginia). Normally we really don't use much fly protection besides fly tags but this year the flies are really bad so I bought a couple backrubbers and the guy at the feed store told me to mix the insecticide with...
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    Reusing CIDRs

    I used CIDRs in a group of heifers we A.I'ed this year along with a shot of PG and it worked really well out of 10 only 3 were open. I was talking to my neighbor the other day and he said that you could reuse CIDRs just wash them off and reuse them. Has anyone heard of doing this? My thoughts...
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    What are A.I Certificates?

    I am new to A.I and I have been buying my semen from select sires, I was looking on the ABS and Genex websites and saw something about A.I Certificates and I was wanting to know if anyone could tell me what they are and what the are used for?
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    Clipping Hereford Heifers

    I have shown dairy heifers all my life since I was about 4 and I am 22 now. I have recently sold all my jersey cows and heifers and bought 3 reg. hereford heifers a december calf, summer yearling and winter yearling. I know how to show a beef calf but I have never clipped one. On a dairy calf...
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    Synching Heifers

    I have 10 black baldie heifers that I am going to breed A.I the beginning of june. I have always just bred heifers on there natural cycle and I have never messed with synching any. I was wandering what is the best way to synch 10? I thought about just using lute and watching for heats but a...
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    Insecticide Tags

    I used insecticide tag last year and the really worked well but i had enough cattle to use the whole box. Now i only have half as many and will only be using 10 out of the 20 tags in the box. If i keep the left over tags in a ziplock bag or something can I use them next year? or will they not be...
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    Flatbed for a chevy 2500

    I have a 2000 chevy 2500 and I would like to put a metal flatbed on it. I can't seem to find anyone around my area (Northwest NC) that sells beds for 3/4 ton truck. They only carry beds for ton trucks. Does anyone know what company sells flatbeds for 3/4 ton signal wheeled trucks? I don't think...
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    A.I Equipment

    I am starting to try AI some of my own beef cows, I took the class the first of december. I was wandering what type of gun to get, the select sires man told me to stick with a regular 1/2 o-ring rod but the lady that is letting me practice on her cows told me to buy a 2-in-1 spiral gun that...
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    Question about heat detectors

    I am trying to decide which heat detectors to buy. Right now I am looking at either Kamars or Estrotech. What heat detectors to you guys use? Which is better?
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    Cattle with loose stool

    We have about 60 head of cattle in southern Virginia its my grandmas farm and I just started taking it over about 2 years ago. I have noticed that all the cows ( including the calves and the bulls) have had a loose stool its kind of like diarrhea but they all act fine, eat fine and they don't...
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    Feeding cattle during the winter

    I have just came across this board and though I might as well ask a question that I have been wanting to know. I have started in the beef industry, I have always raised and shown jersey cattle until recently, I have started taking over my grandparents farm we have about 65 commercial Angus cross...