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    show heifer pictures(limo)

    We decided to photograph a couple of the heifers today to see what everyone here thought of them.They have no hair ,and aren't really finished yet . The brown weighs 1072 and is purebred limo and the black weighs 1235 and is roughly 86% limo. which do you prefer? [/img]
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    critique heifer

    This is my show/4-H heifer for the year she looks alittle(ok alot) ruff because we just yanked them out of the field and tied them up to see what the looked like after the winter. The pic are awful so just do the best you can thanks. she's a purebred limousin yearling weighed in at 876 last...
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    critique my heifer

    1203 lbs.
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    critique my heifer

    there she is.
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    critique my heifer

    does the link work now? if not could someone please tell me how to post a picture?
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    critique my heifer

    critique my limo heifer shes 17 months old ... _=27553716