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    question about an old cow

    I have an old broken mouth cow that is due anyday. This winter has been hard on her even with it being mild. I know she needs to be culled just dont know how is the best way. The way i see it i have 3 options. Option 1 sale as soon as calf is born as a pair, option 2 wean calf early and sale cow...
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    select sire bulls for heifers

    looking for opinions on a heifer bull. needs to be from select sires and needs to be a black angus. I have been looking at 7an278 anybody used him or have another bull they like for heifers. I really like to keep bw down and ce up. the heifers were sired by 7an288
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    update to sale barn cow

    i got this cow at the sale barn in feb. paid 1000.00 for her she was called a 5 year old. she calved yesterday a bull calf
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    tube feeding a calf

    Had to tube feed a calf for the first time this morning. All seemed to go well but im still worried if i did it right being its my first time. Im guessing that if i was in the wind pipe 3 liters would have killed the calf on the spot ? Calf walked out of the barn and went right to mom. Calf...
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    morning surprise

    Found a heifer calf this morning. Cow was due may 1st and was not showing any signs that she was close. This is my best cow she is an old black cow calved last year on may 22nd was in heat on july 2nd took one ai. sire is 7hp105. As long as calf grows well she will stay here in hopes that she...
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    2012 calves

    new bull calf born last night same calf 2 week old heifer
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    New heifer calf

    New heifer calf out of 7an316 counterpart
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    first calf heifer ?

    Had a first calf heifer calve yesterday afternoon. Mom went to cleaning calf and is very protective of her however when calf try's to nurse mom knocks her down or will kick at her. this went on for about 30 mins last night before calf was able to nurse. This morning mom is doing the samething...
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    have a cow that appeared to have have cleaned out after calving last thursday. today she has a small amount of bloody mucus coming out. was thinking of running her through the chute and giving lute and antibiotic. whats everybody think ? Cow seems healthy has not went off feed or water
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    whats his wt ?

    anybody want to guess his wt ?
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    working dog UPDATED

    Have a aussie that took her first hard hit today ( kicked in the head by a 800 pound steer that got out). Should i do anything with her to help her confidence i know i would be gun shy now if i was her. little back ground she has been working cows for 2 months had a few small blows but nothing...
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    calving has started

    bull calf born this afternoon. Sorry about the photo its off my cell phone
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    calving ?

    Have a 3 or 4 year old cow that is due this month, she has been bagged up heavy and springing for about 3 weeks. She has had some mucus like drainage during this time as well. Tonight there is a large amount, about the length of her tail but nothing else seems to be going on. I have never...
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    AI class

    i took an AI class over the last 4 days. learned a ton cant wait for breeding season to start ! :cboy:
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    7HP105 NJW 98S DURANGO 44U

    anybody use 7HP105 NJW 98S DURANGO 44U from select sires ? if so what did you think of him ?
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    pics from 2-22-12

    Had a chance to get a few pictures today on my cell phone as i was working on fence. young cow due in march. 2 year old due in april.
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    new cow

    Picked up a new cow at sale friday bred to black angus due march/ april. they say she is 5 years old. Hope all goes well. :cboy:
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    We have a open 3 year old cow that we are thinking about butchering into hamburger how ever we have never done this before. how will the meat be if we were o grain her for 30 to 60 days ?
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    Feeding Pumpkins

    I have access to alot of cull pumpkins ( some split in half some smashed some with dings in them ) but not sure how to go about feeding them to cows ? do i need to cut them up into small chunks to help prevent the cows and calfs from choking or can i just throw them out in the field ? thanks
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    PICS of some cows

    took some pics when feeding this morning were running really low on grass and have been feeding hay for some time now.