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    Market report

    I just got a copy of last weeks market report. Cattle holding around the same for this market which isnt the highest selling market in my area but steady. But I about died when I saw what the price of lambs are. "" Lambs 85-100 pounds 62 head $170-$176. 75 pounds 16 head $186.50. 50-65...
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    bred cattle

    I was curious as to what bred cattle are going for in everyones area. I been looking around and it seems the prices are all over the place around me. Some seem a good deal while others are just plain crazy on the high end. Or at least it seems that way for me. So what is the average price in...
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    I just thought I would give an update since I have some time to breathe. What was going to be a slow process of clearing land turned into a rush last fall and this winter but I now have all of my land cleared, fertilized and planted. Getting good rains and grass is growing great. I know it...
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    What would you do?

    What would you do if you have been giving permission to use 500 acres of land? I am new and this year has been my first calving season and I want to go slow so not going to get more cattle for this land. But I have more than enough land for all the hay I need already. This 500 acres is my...
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    local markets

    I have been spending time at the markets lately to see the going on's and to learn. The markets were also nice enough to give me copies of sales reports for the past year or so. What I have learned is they love blacks and smokes. The smokes even do better than the BWF and sometimes just as...
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    it has started

    The calving season that is lol. So far 15 of my 24 Branvieh cows have dropped a calf and no asssist needed so far. Great looking calves and all feeding well. Biggest one so far is a 91 pound bull Smallest has been 79 pound And the rest are all in low to mid 80's. Second biggest was...
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    More Cattle

    Well I managed to add another 15 Braunvieh Cows to my herd. These ladies are actually part of the original herd I bought my first 9 from and bred to the same bull that I purchased with my first 9. The owner of these passed away and the wife wanted to sell. She called original owner and he...
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    cattle prices

    I have been reading some market reports over the past few months and it seems the blacks really out sale anything else around here. .20 to .25 cents more per pound. While I under stand this with the way the markets are I dont understand why cattle considered "exotics" are getting at least 10...
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    local market prices

    Here are the reports from the two closest markets in my area. What do you guys think of these prices? ... e=CW_LS140 ... e=CW_LS141
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    What do you think

    About this plan. As I stated before I have got my start with some bred braunvieh cows and a bull. I have been thinking of building up a herd of Braunveih cows crossing them with a hereford bull to get some F1s and then breeding those to a Black Angus. Granted it will take some years to get...
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    Have my start

    As I stated in another thread I was looking at some Braunvieh cattle and I took your guys advice about having them preg tested. All 9 are bred and expecting to calve in March/ early April. I managed to get them for 875 each plus work on the mans barn roof which took me a whole two hours. I...
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    I was just wondering why most people use angus cows and use a hereford bull ? Why not the other way around? Hereford cows and an Angus bull ? I am sure either way is a good cross but why does it seem most people use the angus cows?
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    still learning

    I have another question. When looking at bull seman sales and charts how do you actually read them ? for example what is a good range for BW, WW, YW, milk ect... I was looking at charts like this, ... oduct=3329 , but have no idea what good score...
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    need some expert advice

    I need some advice. I am planning on cattle soon but was thinking next spring but here is my situation. I have spent half of last year and this year buiding fences and my barn. Also had hay fields fertilized and planted and this year have had two cuttings. There wont be a third and I managed...
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    just curious

    Just curious what people think would be best. Taking the offspring of angus/herford cross < F1s or baldies which ever you prefer to call them> and mating those femals to a charolais bull. Or taking brangus cows and breeding them to a Charolias bull. I am just curious as to what people would...
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    You can tell I am new

    Went up to the state fair here in WV and was checking out all the beef breeds. Saw my first ever Texas longhorn. Was huge !! and I Want one or two lol .. Don't know how well the would winter here and probably wouldnt sell to good either :( But I was impressed. The shorthorns looked...
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    I been looking at pics all across the web and I know I know nothing about cattle but to me it seems the best black angus out there have a lot less muscle than some of the other breeds. Like the charolais, and herefords for example. Or maybe its just the pics I looked at. But the do seem smaller...
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    black face baldies

    What all breed crosses make black face baldies? BP
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    sexed semen

    Is it worth while to buy sexed semen if all your breeding is done by AI anyways? also how many years do you let a cow produce before you sell her off? At what age on average? Thanks for all the help. BP
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    I was just curious on how many head of cattle everyone has and how many acres of land for each cow. The stocking rate. Also curious on how many acres you get hay from and how many mowings a year for your area. Most places but not all around here mow twice sometimes three...