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  1. ARS

    Deciding on buying equipment?

    I’m a fan of this method, as long as the partner is reliable and isn’t known for breaking things. My husband and I have made a few co-purchases with my dad and brother and all has worked out well. We’ve bought a hay wrapper and a livestock trailer and are looking for a seeder at the moment. It...
  2. ARS

    Neighbor's mature cattle dying - pneumonia type

    COVID - better make sure the rest of the herd wears their masks! kidding - sounds like BRD as others have suggested. Does the neighbor vaccinate for it? I’d call the vet - that bill would cost less than losing another cow.
  3. ARS

    Dang.... that was hard to do.

    Sorry to hear that! I can empathize - a few weeks ago we had to ship our 6 y/o bull due to not passing his BSE this year. We officially started our herd 5 years ago with him and 3 half-sub heifers. He was tame as could be and only wanted feed and scratches. We sometimes said he was TOO tame...
  4. ARS

    Container Gardening

    I’m trying to start small but I keep finding more things I want to try!! Need to bring my husband along with me when I buy seeds/materials so he can keep me in check 🤣
  5. ARS

    Container Gardening

    Looks like a great harvest! Hopefully I’ll have some pics to share later in the year.
  6. ARS

    What do you call your cattle market facility ?

    I wonder if it’s a regional thing? Ohio and we call it a sale barn, but I do know of a few that are specifically named “___ Stockyards”.
  7. ARS

    Container Gardening

    I’ll keep an eye out for them! & thanks for the great resource!
  8. ARS

    Container Gardening

    Thank you! I’ll make sure to do that.
  9. ARS

    Container Gardening

    I’d like to try my hand at gardening, but wanted to start small, so I plan to try container gardening this year. So far I’d like to try: tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, herbs and strawberries. We have a ton of empty mineral tubs that I think would be perfect for container gardening. I plan to drill...
  10. ARS

    JD 4030

    We have a ‘75 4030 that spends most of its time in the hay field. It should be able to handle the disc mower unless you have some big hills. Personally, we’d like something with a little bit more power, but currently we don’t have a barn/shed tall enough.
  11. ARS

    Hay 2021!

    Looks great @southernultrablack! I get the love for hay - you sound just like my husband. He says if he could only keep one aspect of the farm, it would be making hay, no question. It’s been awesome seeing his efforts over the years and watching him turn old overgrown brushy land into...
  12. ARS

    Killer bulls up

    Glad to hear! We have an older bull that didn’t pass his BSE this year so he’s off to the sale barn this week.
  13. ARS

    Rental houses

    The more bedrooms the better! Avoiding bad renters is nearly impossible, but my advice would be to make your contract as detailed as possible and have everything in writing. Then vet the heck out of them. I search them on Facebook, get their credit checked, background check, call references etc...
  14. ARS

    Your setup for spot spraying and fence lines, etc.

    Similar to others - 15 gal Fimco from TSC strapped to the back of the 4-wheeler. It gets the job done. I like the extra long hose so I can get hard to reach spots that the wheeler can’t get to.
  15. ARS

    Minimum wage 33% increase

    See, I agree with wage increases to offset the cost of living increases, but these dramatic jumps are absurd. Something similar happened at my off-farm job (gov run). They hadn’t increased their service price for 10+ years and started seeing some loss, so instead of slowly increasing the...
  16. ARS

    Choices choices

    I vote SimxAng and also echo the idea of using a PB bull for hybrid vigor.
  17. ARS

    New one....

  18. ARS

    I’m considering running for state representative

    I say go for it! Three things I’d like to see: 1) Accept donations, but be transparent about what they’re funding. 2) Start working on your agenda/stance on things. You’re going to want to go into it knowing what you stand for and be able to defend that. 3) Focus on what YOU want/plan to do...
  19. ARS

    Covid - good news

    Same here! We went on Sunday and we’re expecting to see masks, but were pleasantly surprised at the lack there of, at least in the trade show/stalls.
  20. ARS

    Covid - good news

    0 reported today in Ohio, however, our Gov will never celebrate that as he’s zeroed in on case numbers.