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  1. Randi

    Calving Season Photos

    Calving season is in full swing here, we are about 75% done, and have 300 ish calves on the ground. I've got a ton of photos, and for anyone who would like, I think that you can click this link to my FB album. Here...
  2. Randi

    Calving Woes

    Long Read... Here's a tale of 3 cows.... We are calving 400 head out, and we just got nicely started on the cow herd yesterday, with 11 calves since Midnight Mar 16. Our protocol for cows is that if they have not made progress within 1/2 to 1 hour we get them in and check them out. This...
  3. Randi

    Birth Defect

    Had this calf born the other day. It was alive, but died shortly after.
  4. Randi

    Bringing the Cows Home

    Brought the cows home today.
  5. Randi

    And so it Begins

    3 days ago we sorted the heavy heifers off to start watching them. They're due about Mar 4, and there's about 30 synched to start then. Mostly, we sorted them already, because we want to get them used to being walked through, and to be on the safe side as the weather's quite cold right now...
  6. Randi

    The Cows

    If anyone's really's a link to my FB Album ... 136&type=3 But here's a few of my favorites 3 year old mostly Shorthorn. DH got her for me for last Christmas. Some of the Hereford cows that we have on a lease deal A 3 year old...
  7. Randi

    Replacement Heifers

    Here's some of the girls we kept this fall. They're growing up quite well I think.... Shorthorn x Angus Shorthorn Shorthorn sired, out of a mostly Angus dam. A little Hereford and Gelbveih in her too. Mostly Angus Shorthorn sire x Shorthorn/Angus Mostly Angus Also mostly Angus(by...
  8. Randi

    A few of the Herdsires

    Here's a few of our herdsires. The Char bulls are terminal sires only. For replacements we run Red Angus and Shorthorn bulls. ... y/V6fCqA== ... 3rNfGZBQ== ... 9=5D5E5C5E
  9. Randi

    Calving Record

    Here's what (more or less) I use at calving time to keep track of things. It's not my end record, but it keeps a pretty good running tally of what's born, any deaths, sorts them by groups or owners and then by pasture. I share it with my husband, and anyone helping us calve cows out, so we can...
  10. Randi

    Ivermectin Alternatives

    So give me some options, this is the second year we've had issues with the cows scratching like crazy after they've been poured with ivermectin. After last year's issues, we did them with Boss pour on. This year I was sceptical about using ivermectin again, but DH wanted to use it again. So...
  11. Randi

    Char Influence

    About 4 years ago, I finally talked my husband into adding some Char bulls to the bull pen. The cow herd consists of red and black Angus, Shorthorn and Hereford mixed cows. We've seen an increase in weaning weights, and a premium of $50 -$100/ calf on the tans and silvers over the reds and...
  12. Randi

    Moving cows

    Wednesday and today, we gathered our last 2 groups. Wednesday's bunch was trailed/led about 5 miles. I had trouble keeping up with the lead cow. And todays bunch we gathered on 1/2 section, and they get hauled home. We had no trouble, they were ready! Stragglers aren't...
  13. Randi

    Still Around

    Wow, it's been a long time since I've browsed this board! There have been a lot of new developments in the last year, that have kept us quite busy. The two main ones are a bunch more land and cattle. Last Feb/Mar we increased the herd by about 100 more head....then had quite a calving season...
  14. Randi

    Getting BIGGER

    Well, it looks like we made a deal to buy another 6 quarters (960 acres) and lease another 5 quarters(800 acres). It's pretty exciting.....and a bit scary. This will take our herd from around 300 mama cows to somewhere in the neighbourhood of 450! Looking at the payments, we are trying to...
  15. Randi

    Calving Chains

    Here's why you should make sure to put the calving chains on correctly. In addition to breaking a leg/s during a hard pull, you can also do something like this. This is a photo from a number of years ago. I don't know if we broke his fetlock, but this never healed, he got worse, and we had to...
  16. Randi

    Eye Problems

    Here are a few eye problems that I've gotten photos of over the years. Pinkeye, treated this with Oxy LA, she healed up in a few days. Early stages of Cancer Eye, Just diagnosed this cow a few weeks ago. Only real option to save her would be to have the eye removed. Since she's 14 years old...
  17. Randi

    Full French Charolais

    Talk to me about them.Good, Bad and Ugly I want to know. I really like the look of them and there is a breeder within reasonable distance of us. Waiting for their catalog to come in the mail. Have also heard good things about the breeder.
  18. Randi

    RFID Tag Readers

    Looking for info on this tag reader Are they any good?
  19. Randi

    Solar Water System.

    We invested in this system to water cows. It is a Kelln system with an insulated 750 gallon fiberglass trough that we brought up from the USA. We also have a 800 gallon summer trough that we can use with it. Mostly, the need was to water cattle on our main fall pasture. There is a spring there...
  20. Randi

    Massage Therapy

    Have any of you ever had a Massage Therapist work on a cow? I have a Massage/Bodywork woman that comes and works on my horses. I've seen amazing results. So I asked her one day, did she ever works on cows... So we had a 2 year old come in this fall, and she would skip/hop when she trotted, on...