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  1. 42acres

    JD 566 baler problem

    I bought a used 566 baler and am having problems with the twine wrap on one side of the bale. The bales are wrapped perfectly on one side of the bale but barely wrap the other. I have the spacing set the same on the monitor and the twine arm seems to travel across the entire bale at the same...
  2. 42acres

    Bush Hog DM disc mower

    I am looking for a operating/parts manual for a bush hog DM80 disc mower. I think any DM model will do. Please respond if you can help. Thanks
  3. 42acres

    Bottle calf

    Lost a moma cow and have been bottle feeding her bull calf. What is the earliest i can wean him off milk replacer? Can i feed him too much sweet feed? Any suggestions on weaning and feeding.
  4. 42acres

    Side delivery rake

    I am looking for suggestions on installing a new tooth bar on a wheel driven side delivery rake. The threaded part broke off of one of the bars and i have a new one. I have loosened every bolt on it and can't get it to fit in the holes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. 42acres

    Giving away cows

    Took some 400# hiefers to the sale last week and got 25 cent less than i did this time last year. I enjoy raising cattle but can't do it just for fun. Any ideas on what the market will do next year? Things didn't go my way in the pres election but now i got to pull for him to fix this mess.
  6. 42acres

    Cows for sale

    I guess i'm gonna have to sell out. No rain since May 11. Feeding hay and already missed one cutting. I am tired of worrying about the weather, staying angry when i can see rain and not get any and my family has to put up with my ill tail. Big difference from the people in the mid west.
  7. 42acres

    Ground garlic for fly control

    Has anyone ever heard of feeding a small amount of ground garlic to cows to control flies? A friend of mine says it works for horses.
  8. 42acres

    Cattle Prices

    What are the main factors that drive cattle prices? What are the circumstances driving cattle prices down in the southeast now?
  9. 42acres

    winter grazing questions

    Planted rye for winter grazing recently, this is the first time i've tried this and have a few questions. When do i turn the cows in on it (how tall or how long)? Will it harm the cows to leave them on it versus taking them on and off daily? What are the reasons for feeding high mag minerals...
  10. 42acres

    cows in GA

    Looking to buy 3-5 preg. cows in central GA.
  11. 42acres

    WD40 for flys

    Has anyone ever heard of spraying WD40 on cows to keep the flys off them? I read it in an email.
  12. 42acres

    conveyor belt used for baler belt

    I work at a manufacturing facility. We are always replacing conveyor belts. How well would this belt work on my JD 510 baler? Has anyone ever done this? The belt looks to be the same thickness and a lot of it is worn down to the first layer of fabric on one side.
  13. 42acres

    feeding moldy hay bales

    I baled about 30 bales of brown top millet on friday. When i was mowing it with my haybine i did not know at the time that i was leaving some standing, not sure why, (dull blades, too fast?). Anyway now it has some green millet hay mixed in my bales. I know it will mold some. My question is how...
  14. 42acres

    Baling brown top millet

    I planted several acres of brown top millet on fathers day to bale. I just have a few questions. When is the best time to bale?(after it heads out?) How long does it normally take to dry before baling?(planted 30lb per acre, about 2.5-3 ft tall now. Any other tips/do's/don'ts on baling brown top.
  15. 42acres


    Is anyone out there in the same shape i,m in? No rain in eight weeks in central Georgia at least on my farm. Very frustrating!! I'm thinking this will drive cattle prices down, as far as the market getting fludded due to no feed. Any thoughts on this, or the long term affects?
  16. 42acres

    John Deere 510 round baler

    I found a 510 baler for $1000, looks to be in pretty good shape. Does anyone have any info on these balers, dependability?, weaknesses?. Can i pull it with a 5ohp tractor?
  17. 42acres

    4x4 baler

    Looking for a used 4x4 baler in Georgia, 1 to 1.5k range
  18. 42acres

    Broken Hoof

    Noticed one of my cows limping yesterday, upon further investigation it looks like she has broken one of her rear hooves about a half to three quaters of an inch back from the front of it. Is this fairly common and what is the treatment? My cows are in a pecan orchard and i have picked up most...
  19. 42acres

    breeding back

    I have nine brood cows, some had calves in 11/06 and i am just now seeing the bull chase them, others had calves 12/06 and i haven't seen the bull chase them at all. Feeding decent hay, minerals are available to them. Is there something i'm missing as far as nutrition that is causing my cows to...
  20. 42acres

    Benefits of supplements

    what would be the negative affects, on cattle, of feeding only hay in winter and grazing pasture when available? No supplements are other feeds. Would this effect breeding or calving ability?