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  1. samm

    bad wound

    bought a little heifer calf the other day, noticed her back end looked odd, i thought she might have got roughed up alittle when she was tubed...anyhow yesterday i went out to feed, and she smelled rotton, like something we went over her real close and found a hole the size of my...
  2. samm

    trash trash trash

    it has been really windy for several months around here, and i am amazed at the fence rows full of trash blown from who knows where. and the plastic walmart/dollar store/grocery store bags hanging and blowing on the tree branches or on the fences, some look to have been there for some time all...
  3. samm

    rusty water

    when and if we ever get some substancial rains and our tanks begin to fill back up....we are thinking about putting some guttering ( 6 inch pvc cut in half) on one side of the barn to catch the run off and send it straight on into a tank thats close to it. most of the tin on the roof of the barn...
  4. samm

    cracked hooves

    we went and checked on the cows today, one of them was limping around so we looked at her legs and such, we put her up in the chute and washed the mud off her legs and hooves, and we seen that her left front hoof, both sides, was broken off some what at the front tips, and her right one had...